LMF: Inheritance

March 5th, 2013 at 1:32 pm by under THRS Live Music

Who says Christmas can’t happen in March?  For a lot of folks today, March 5 is indeed Christmas II as The Last Bison released their major label debut “Inheritance”.  An 11 song collection of new material and an material from their 2011 independent release, ‘Quill”, that have been re-recorded and reincarnated.  The first of a five album deal with Republic Records, it is available everywhere and in every format.  Grab your digital copy on iTunes or Amazon along with a vinyl copy or run down to Best Buy like I did and pick up the CD.

As you insert the disc, press play or drop the needle, fair warning that your face will instantly turn into a silly grin knowing that you’ve followed this band from their first show at Borjo,  heard Switzerland for the first time on 96X, watched them on their first television appearance on The Hampton Roads Show and attending their show at the NorVa.  Every dreaming musician needs to own this great record and embraces it and a play with the notion that to pursue your dreams to the fullest and that one day they will come true.

Thank you Dan, Ben, Annah, Amos, Andrew, Teresa and Jay for making this fantastic record.  The world is now in your hands.

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