Cold Weekend Ahead!

February 28th, 2013 at 7:35 am by under Weather

It’s not the weekend just yet, but we are looking at some colder weather moving in during the next couple of days.  Today isn’t too bad.  At least for temperatures.

Yesterday we had some great weather in the afternoon. Skies were mostly sunny for a while, and we had highs in the low 60s.  Today we expect a lot more clouds and also a few sprinkles or light showers.  We had a couple this morning just north of the metro.  This isn’t a big weather system, but a small pocket of moisture and energy was slipping through.


We are on the edge of an upper level low. The center of which sits over towards the Midwest. That’s where there is still quite a bit of snow falling today, and that is where the colder weather lies…for now.  The jetstream is actually running over us today.  The upper level river of faster moving winds helps to push weather systems from west to east across the U.S.  Today that is helping to create the spotty showers/sprinkles over our region, but it should also push them through rather quickly.  Now over the weekend the jetstream is really going to dip to the south.  Since it is typically the dividing line between warm and cold airmasses, this means that we are going to see some colder temperatures.  Especially for early March.  This cold air is expected to push all the way down to north Florida.

Weekend Weather Pattern

For a while it looked like the upper level trough (dip) was going to create an area of low pressure at the surface off of our coast.  Now it looks like it will stay farther offshore.  So I’ve taken out the chance for a sprinkle or a flurry on Sunday.  Don’t be surprised if it slips back-in though with that big upper level trough overhead.  As for temperatures.  Today highs will be in the low/mid 50s.  Friday will see highs near 50.  Then we’ll be in the low/mid 40s for Saturday and Sunday.  Lows will be in the upper 20s to low 30s.  Dogh!  We won’t warm up into early next week.  Hopefully, we can warm up a bit more as we go into later next week.

Someone asked about the pollen.  It is going up steadily.  I don’t see how the tree pollen is going up as maple trees are only now budding, but the forecast is for it to be high.  I didn’t think the trees dropped the pollen until the seedlings fell from the trees.  Mold is probably high though with all of the rain recently.  I’ll be using the pollen forecast starting up in the next couple of weeks. I’m not looking forward to this upcoming allergy season.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

5 Responses to “Cold Weekend Ahead!”

  1. Jeff says:

    Interesting model runs for March 6…So far I guess we would be too close to the low here in eastern VA, but if the low moves a little further offshore, things could get interesting.

  2. Marc says:

    Thanks for the forecast Jeremy. So I’m curious if you have been looking at the weather models for 6 days out? For A LOT of runs now the EURO has a system affecting us with a good chance of wintry precip and now the GFS is following the EURO. This is significant because of the trend and this is what happened with the New England system a few weeks ago. Now a lot could change and probably will but its still interesting for us weather hobbyist to read about and see what you think. We’ve had major snow in March before so its not crazy what the models are showing but maybe a little over done in the amount of precip. Anyways I look forward to your response.

  3. Hopeful for Spring says:

    “…Lows will be in the upper 20s to low 30s. Dogh!” – I see you’re channeling your inner “Homer Simpson,” eh Jer? Very nice……. LOL!

    Do us a favor, keep the snow away!! Spring is ALMOST here. So close but
    so far away. ;-)

  4. Marc says:

    Ok seriously? My comment is still awaiting moderation and you all haven’t even posted an updated blog today? Soooo is it because you don’t want people to see my blog and start wondering or because you all don’t have a grasp of the developing situation next week? This storm could have historic affects or be nothing but some precip and wind I know. But to simply not discuss it or inform people of the potential to me is absurd. I know you won’t post this but I know you will have to at least read it to discard it so maybe I’ll get the ball rolling. By the way I follow a lot of Mets and I do have an idea of whats going on and I’m not a weather weenie so you all need to step it up and not be so scared about what the media will think if you discuss something 6-10 days out. I don’t want to shut the door on you all yet but its closing fast.

  5. Justin says:

    So…What is all the conversation about a major storm stalling over our area next week and dumping tons of snow?

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