Boy Is It Gonna Rain…Again!

February 22nd, 2013 at 8:45 am by under Weather

I’ve done this for years now….The putting in of three or 4 dots (….) in the weather blogs to add dramatic pause and possibly some humor (crickets chirping).  It’s tough to write tone in a blog, but hopefully people take that and enjoy it so that we mix up some of the monotonous data and science.  Anyway, speaking of science…

We had a bit of a wintry mix this morning, but it hasn’t amounted to much.

Brief/Scattered Mix This Morning

We had a couple things working in our favor this morning.  First off we had a lot of clouds roll in quickly last night.  Clouds act like a blanket in many cases.  Especially when they get lower in the sky.  They re-radiate heat back towards the ground.  So the surface temperatures did not drop to the freezing mark this morning.  Therefore at this point I don’t see any freezing rain in the forecast.  We have had several reports of sleet, and there was even a report of some brief snow in Ahoskie.   Temperatures will warm from here. So this will turn into scattered rain showers later this morning through the afternoon.  High temps today will only stretch up to near 40.  That will happen late in the day.  We’ll see a lot of clouds and an easterly wind at 8-12mph.  Along with the scattered light showers, these will act to keep the temperatures down.

Showers Will Increase

The rain chances will only sit at about 30-40% today.  However, the chances will ramp up to about 100% around midnight.  The rain will be heavy at times tonight through midday tomorrow.

Future Trak Showing Heavy Rain

The rain will be steady and moderate for a long stretch of time.  Our computer model (Future Trak) is estimating between 1-2 inches of rain between this afternoon and tomorrow evening with the bulk of the rain after midnight tonight through noon tomorrow.

Forecast Rain Totals

Luckily the area of low pressure in the Midwest will not move through our region.  They were rocked with very heavy snow in several states up that way.  Instead we will see a big flux of moisture out ahead of a cool front.  The front will move through late Saturday.  This will end the rain by the evening, and will dry us out for Sunday.  Sunday is still looking pretty good.  Skies will be partly sunny with highs in the mid 50s.  Quiet again on Monday, then more rain is expected on Tuesday.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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    Thanks Jeremy for your…interesting blogs. I check here every day to get the real forecasts.

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