Will We Get Slammed Like The Midwest?

February 21st, 2013 at 8:15 am by under Weather

To answer the title….NO!  Not in terms of snowfall. However, that system will have impacts on Hampton Roads in the next 24 -48 hours.  Here’s the setup.  We will enjoy dry weather locally today with a big fat area of high pressure in the region.  We’ll see plenty of sunshine, but it will be chilly. We started with temperatures in the 20s this morning.  With the weaker February sun it will be tough to warm up much. We’ll aim our highs for the low/mid 40s with a Northwest breeze at 10-20mph.

Today’s Weather Forecast

The rain and snow in the Midwest is being caused by an area of low pressure that is working with a high amount of moisture.  So they are getting slammed with heavy snow, freezing rain, sleet, heavy downpours, and strong gusty winds.

Mess In The Midwest

The area of low pressure out there is not expected to move through our region.  It will instead move to the northeast over the next couple of days.  However a cold front will form to the south of the low and will move east towards the Mid-Atlantic.  Warmth and moisture will lift up out ahead of the system.  However, this will mostly happen at the mid-levels at first.  It will be fairly dry at the surface at the onset of precipitation.  So by tomorrow morning we could see a few spotty showers.  Temperatures will be in the low 30s in some areas.  So we could also see a few pockets of sleet in the area.  Towards Richmond and Charlottesville there may even be some freezing rain.  With the dryness expected at the surface, I think a lot of the precipitation tomorrow morning will probably dry up before it even hits the ground (virga).  So I’m not too concerned about the morning commute at this point.  Stay tuned to see if the moisture comes in earlier though.  Then we could see some problems. Here’s our wide view of the Future Trak forecast.

Forecast For Tomorrow Morning

Rain showers will increase later Friday in the afternoon and evening.  We will have cloudy skies all day and winds will be east.  So highs will either be near 40 or in the low 40s.  By Friday night winds will pick up out of the south.  Then some warmer temperatures will move in.  We are looking at some heavy rain from Friday night through at least the early afternoon on Saturday.

Moderate-Heavy Rain Saturday AM

Rain may continue all the way into Saturday evening.  We are looking at over an inch of rain at this point.  Looking at the latest trends I wouldn’t be surprised to see 1-2 inches over southern parts of the viewing area.  I don’t anticipate widespread flooding, but we may see some localized flooding along with ponding on roadways.  At least high temperatures on Saturday will be in the upper 50s. So there’s a little good news.  The other good news is that Sunday is looking dry overall. There could be a possible shower in the pre-dawn hours south, but otherwise we will dry out.  Highs will still be in the 50s.  We’ll be dry Monday, but then more rain will move into the region on Tuesday.

In National News…Here is a story about a new app that let’s you participate in a national tudy about precipitation.  Weather App Story.  It is called the mPING app which stands for mobile Precipitation Identification Near the Ground.  It could be a very interesting study that will try to focus on ground truth and how radar matches up with how much precipitation is hitting the ground and in what form.  You just input the report into your smart phone or mobile device.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler


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