Winter Is Back, Snow Expected Today.

February 16th, 2013 at 9:40 am by under Weather

Highs near 61 yesterday, that was a treat. Today we even had some bonus sunshine if you saw the sunrise this morning. As we go through the day we will see the rain move in, and then the snow mixing in this afternoon.

Future Trak @ 2pm

Just as a reminder the green/yellow is rain, the purple is mix, and the blue colors are snow. Darker colors mean more intense precipitation.

Future Trak @ 5pm

Most of us will likely see some sort of wintry precip before the sun does set this evening but most of the accumulations are expected to happen overnight tonight.

Future Trak @ 8pm. More Snow!

After sunset, the atmosphere’s mid levels will really cool down and allow for the remaining precipitation to be all snow. This is when the road conditions will start to get slippery and we will see the accumulating snow. Tonight the wind is also expected to be fairly strong from the north at 10-20mph.

Snow Forecast

Hampton Roads Snow Forecast

I kept the totals close to 1-3″ as the soil temperatures remain close to 40 degrees at 9am. We will see the ground and pavement temperatures cool off quickly today, but it still will be warm enough to melt the first 1/2 to 1 inch of snow that falls in many areas today and tonight. The most recent 12Z Nam and RAP models have brought in a bit more moisture and that is why you see totals a bit higher than I had on my newscast this morning. Remember, the accumulating snow should start around sunset for the Hampton Roads Cities (Maybe a bit earlier in Williamsburg).

11 am Update*

Video Below:

Weather Discussion


Tiffany Savona is in tonight as the snow starts to fall and she will have the latest on how this storm has developed. Drive safe, I’ll be in tomorrow from 6-8am with your road conditions report and the day’s forecast.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


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  1. clint says:

    we are getting balls of snow in virginia you think sense its starting to snow before you guys thought we may see more ecumulations

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Hey Clint. I think it will go back and forth between rain, sleet, mix, and some snow until this evening. Surface temperatures are still very warm for anything to stick. This evening the colder air will come down in the mid levels and change it over for the night. Wondering if the moisture will stick around for long after that transition happens. Especially near the coast. Jeremy

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