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February 11th, 2013 at 12:13 pm by under THRS Live Music

Back to the work grind on this misty Monday.  Why does the weekend seem to fly by?  I hope you were able to get out to the many great local shows that were happening across the seven cities.  Gina Dalmas and The Cow Tippin’ Playboys were blowing the roof of at the Thirsty Camel Saturday night, DJP and MrT were kickin’ it with Uglyography, Kelsey Vivian and Matt Mason earlier that evening at Wesley House in Norfolk and Friday night was the debut performance for Esbern Snare, a fantastic band that just released their debut single last week.  They opened up for Over The Ocean at the Jewish Mother Backstage and from all accounts, I heard they were quite impressive.  This was just a small offering at what went down over the last three days, so if you missed it, do yourself a favor and get out there and expand your musical knowledge and horizon and go see some awesome original local music.

Speaking of Over The Ocean, their new album, Be Given To The Soil, will see the light Tuesday, April 2.  Exclusively being released on double vinyl, fans can start per-ordering it now through their label’s, Spartan Records, website.  Click here to order your own copy of this masterpiece…and it is a masterpiece.  I had the great fortune of previewing it and it is just wonderful.  Fans of the band will be pleasantly happy with it and newcomers to the group will equally enjoy it.  Their single, Arguing Philosophies, is available now on iTunes and they debuted it last March on Live Music Friday.  Check it out here:

Last night was the 55th Grammy Awards and tomorrow is the 2nd Veer Magazine Local Music Awards aka The Local Grammy and if you’re still deciding whether you want to go or not and still don’t have a ticket..well, you’re out of the luck because it is SOLD OUT!  No worries, I will be live tweeting during it at both my personal twitter page (@TheBloomBoys) and The Hampton Roads Show twitter page (@HR_Show).  Just follow both of us and through #VeerAwards to keep up on all of the winners.  Since I have to work the next day at 3:30a, I will only have the chance top stop by one of the three after parties.  Veer Magazine is hosting one party at the new Colley Cantina, HardcoreNorfolk.com will be hosting another at Cogans Pizza and my fellow nominee in the Best Broadcast Media category, The Local Music Show on 96X, will be hosting the third one at Belmont House of Smoke and that is the one I will be attending.  Crizti Walsh and I have a little friendly bet going on.  If either of us wins the award, the winner buys the loser a beer and if we both lose, then we will do a shot together.  I see it as a win-win situation.  All in all this is going to be a great event and it’s supporting a great cause, Hope House Foundation and a great night for local music.

Going back to live tweeting during awards show, Ben Hardesty from The Last Bison and their manager and MAE drummer, Jacob Marshall attended The Grammys last night representing Republic Records, The Last Bison’s label, and were tweeting throughout the show and after parties.  I have a feeling they will be back there next year as nominees with their major label full length debut, Inheritance.  Hitting store shelves and internet playlists March 5, Inhertiance will show the world the true musical genius that is The Last Bison.  The album will consit of 11 tracks; 6 from Quill that were re-recorded at the famed Fairfax Studios in LA and 5 new tunes, some that were road tested in the prior year.  I have no doubt in my mind that this record will garner some bling.  Here is the tracklisting:

  1. Inheritance
  2. Quill
  3. Switzerland
  4. Dark Am I
  5. River Rhine
  6. Tired Hands
  7. Take All the Time
  8. Watches and Chains
  9. Autumn Snow
  10. Distance
  11. Sandstone

That is all for me today.  I will be back Wednesday to give you a full recap on the Veer Awards.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC


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