Movie Review: Identity Thief

February 11th, 2013 at 3:59 pm by under THRS Movie Reviews

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So the premise of Identity Thief goes like this: Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) is an account exec for a financial firm in Colorado. His boss could care less about him, so he and some co-workers decide to launch their own firm. The catch is that Sandy fails his financial background check and soon finds himself arrested for not appearing in court in Florida.That’s how he realizes his identity has been stolen by Sandy Patterson (Melissa McCarthy). The detective (Morris Chestnut) informs him that the only say to speed up justice so he can have his name cleared and keep his new job is to bring the criminal to the police. So Sandy goes to Florida to bring Sandy in to Colorado (with assassins and bounty hunters on their tales no less!).Looks like it’s time for a ROAD TRIP!  We soon learn her real name is Diane and we see just how good of a liar she really is. At every turn, she makes up a new name and identity. Sandy is in awe every time it happens.

Of course we see the entire outcome of the film coming from a mile away, and we are hardly moved when it happens. Some of the slapstick comedy along the way is down right funny. Some of it is just unbelievable. The screenplay itself is weak at best. It requires quite a bit of fairy dust for us to buy it.  Please, please, please.I would love to ask Director Seth Gordon why are we, the audience, expected to suspend so much belief in order to buy in to the film?

For example:

***When people get shot, it hurts. It will hurt more than an “Ow!” And it will hurt longer than the one sentence the three people who got shot said before running off to their next scenes.

***When a van containing humans with no seat belts flips multiple times, people don’t walk out with barely a scratch. In fact people don’t usually walk out.

***When you want the audience to buy into the entire premise of identity theft, don’t make the main character — who gives all of his financial information out over the phone without a single thought that it could be a bad idea… Have a job as the financial officer at a company!

There are so many more I’m not even going to go into them all!  But!  I laughed a lot.  I was entertained through much of it.  Melissa McCarthy is comedy gold. She nails the character developing, real-acting scene – sharing her life story through tears, just as she does the scenes filled with slapstick comedy — knocking them out of the park.

Jason Bateman plays the straight man dead on. His comedic timing is so good. I wish he could land a role in a really good movie; he so deserves one.  Identity Thief isn’t it.


Rated R for sexual content and language.

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