Rain And Wind….Luckily?

February 8th, 2013 at 7:28 am by under Weather

You may read that title and think that I’m crazy.  We have already had heavy rain and wind.  We’ve already seen a lot of accidents and slowdowns as we called for.  But….it could be a lot worse.  If this precipitation were snow, then we’d really be in trouble. With a 10-1 ratio it would have probably produced upwards of a foot or more.   Or… if the low were stronger then we could have seen some really destructive winds.  Or… if we had some instability, then we might have had to deal with tornadoes.  So it could have been a lot worse.  Still,don’t get me wrong… it is very messy out there.  Rain started last night and was going steadily all night long.   Here was the view on Super Doppler 10 this morning:

Super Doppler 10 This Morning

You can see how the precipitation curls a bit down towards the southern Outer Banks.  That is where the area of low pressure was located.  Rain and moisture was being pushed north well ahead of the low.  The rain is forecast to stick around through about 11am or noon.  Then it should push northeast as the low pushes farther offshore.

Future Trak (11am)

The low will be well northeast of us by 3pm.  A lot of the rain will go with it, but a few showers will hang back as an upper level pocket of energy (trough) swings through.  So between 5 and 8 pm a few more spotty showers are possible.

Future Trak (3pm)

As the low moves towards the northeast coast this evening the snow will really start to stack up towards New York and Boston.  We may see a few flurries or a light snow shower on the Eastern Shore tonight.  That will just be some of the moisture hanging back behind the low.  No accumulations are expected.  However, up towards Boston they are expecting 1-2 feet of snow.  Yes, that’s feet as in 12-24 inches.

Rain totals will be between 1-2 inches with a few cities seeing a little more than 2 inches before this is all said and done.

Winds today will start out of the north/northeast gusting up to 40-45mph near the shore.  Gusts will be closer to 25-30mph inland.  By this evening the winds will only taper off a bit.  Then tomorrow the winds will pick back up and gust up to 35mph out of the northwest.  Locally tomorrow we will have some drying as high pressure builds in.   By Sunday we’ll have quieter weather in the region with a lot less wind.

Another area of low pressure will bring more rain to the area early next week.  It’s possible that we could even get some flooding in here by the middle of next week if the models trend wetter.  At least it will be warmer with highs near 60 Monday and Tuesday.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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