The Intersection of Business And The Media

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Future company leaders are learning more about the intersection of media and business. I was honored to serve on a panel at The College of William and Mary’s Mason School of Business  on January 31.
WAVY and Fox 43′s newest anchor/reporter, Anita Blanton, joined me along with two area newspaper journalists and a social media specialist.

We took questions from MBA candidates about how we cover the news and how companies can better communicate with the media. The students had good questions for us and the answers were engaging. The big topic that kept coming up was bias in the media and the contentious relationship between corporations and the media. We stressed the need to hire public relations specialists who have worked in the media or have a true understanding of the deadlines and the need for us to get information quickly.

Social media was a big topic and understandably,  when so many people are using it.  A big question was:  how do news organizations post stories so quickly via Twitter, Facebook and our own websites- and maintain accuracy?  We told them we don’t post anything without verifying it f irst. We would rather be correct than first.  Now viewers will post rumors sometimes on our pages, but sometimes that leads to us finding the complete story.

I know this group will do well in their careers.  I was happy to see such a diverse group of students from different areas of life and education.  Many are serving in our military or have served. They truly inspired me!

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