Cooler Today, Wet Commute Friday

February 7th, 2013 at 8:15 am by under Weather

Well yesterday turned out great!  We had ample sunshine and mild temperatures.  I felt like I almost needed some sunscreen.  Today, however, the clouds are on the increase, and the breeze is out of the northeast.   So we are looking at temperatures more in the upper 40s than 50s.  Especially near the shore.  We will have high pressure just to our northeast.  That should keep the rain to our south today, but it will be slowly breaking down and pushing north.

Today’s Forecast Map

Notice the area of low pressure on the above map.  It will move from Alabama into South Carolina through the day.  Tonight that low will move east-northeast.  Rain will push way out ahead of the storm.  So we can expect a few showers by 7pm tonight.  That will be due to some overrunning.  Remember, that is when warm moist are at the upper levels pushes ahead of the surface warm front and into a cooler airmass.  This process typically creates precipitation.  By tomorrow morning the low will sit just to our south.  The rain will increase quite a bit.  In fact our computer model (Future Trak) shows some heavy rain during most of the morning commute:

Future Trak (8am Friday)

We had problems THIS morning with NO bad weather.  So needless to say I think we’ll see some slow downs or worse Friday morning.  You are fore-warned!  As the day goes on the rain will taper off, but the winds will pick up.  Winds will be northeast at 15-25mph with gusts up to 35mph.  The will turn more northerly tomorrow evening as the system pushes away.  By 8pm the low will rapidly strengthen and turn into a major noreaster.  luckily it will be pushing away from our region at that point.  However, this will have a big effect on the northeast states with very strong winds and heavy snow. They could see 1-2 Feet of snow around Boston by Saturday.

Snow In The Northeast Friday Eve.

On Saturday we will still hold onto a strong breeze out of the north/northwest.  Winds will still gust up to 35mph.  I don’t think they will taper off until Saturday night as the low moves farther northeast towards Nova Scotia.

As far as rain totals for our region.  We are calling for at least an inch in the region.  Our model has between an inch and and inch and a half between tonight and tomorrow evening:

Forecast Rain Totals

The climate says that we are down 1.29″ of rain for the year so far.  That number is for Norfolk International Airport.  However, we have had a lot of wet weather recently.  So that number may not represent the entire region very well.  In fact I think between the rainy periods and warm periods the plants are already starting to pop-up and bloom.  In fact I’ve seen some patches of grass start to grow.  That is very unusual even for the cool weather grasses.  We will see more rain early next week with a break from precipitation just in time for the weekend.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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