LMF: Tuesday’s Troglodyte

February 5th, 2013 at 11:31 am by under THRS Live Music

It’s not everyday that you eagerly await the debut of a band that you know will conquer great things.  A group of talented musicians coming together, collaborating and creating something extraordinary.  Today, I introduce you to Esbern Snare.  A melodic six pence of soul, the group consists of vocalist Luke Jones, guitarists Andrew Montgomery and Joseph Brockman, drummer Eric Dryfka, bassist Josiah Crumrine and keyboardist Adam Jones.  Yesterday, they released their debut single titled Troglodyte.

An epically beautiful song that covers a wide range of emotions and tempos that reminds a lot of another great band, Over The OceanTroglodyte gives you a taste of the core talent of the songwriting and musicianship of the band and it only makes you want more.  Check out the song here and see for yourself, I guarantee you will love it.

The band is making their live debut this Friday at the Jewish Mother Backstage in Norfolk along with Non Violent Crimes and Over The Ocean.  Do yourself a favor and get out and check this band out and discover new music.



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