Severe Weather Update

January 31st, 2013 at 12:40 am by under Weather

The line of showers and storms has just made it past I-95 corridor, so we expect most of SE Virginia and NE North Carolina to see rain after midnight through around 6 AM Thursday morning.


Our Future Trak model has the line of storms moving through the metro between 2-3AM.

Future Trak at 2AM Thursday

This is the same storm system that produced tornadoes across the south this afternoon. However, this line of showers and storms is moving through overnight, which should lower the severe weather threat across our region. Daytime heating increases the instability in the atmosphere, which is an ingredient we are lacking tonight. We do have plenty of moisture to work with and there is a lot of energy in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. But the severe weather threat may not materialize if we are missing just one important ingredient. However, we still expect a squall line (line of storms) to move through Hampton Roads. Generally, the main threat with any squall line will be damaging wind gusts due to the bowing segments that can form. The tornado threat is not zero because we do have a lot of wind shear (the change in wind speed/direction with height in the atmosphere). But, it is rather low since we are dealing with a squall line opposed to individual storms forming ahead of the initial line.

Biggest Threat Tonight – Damaging Wind Gusts

Wind have been extremely strong tonight. Check out the latest wind gusts across the region. This is the reason for the reported power outages across Hampton Roads. Be sure to bring inside or secure any loose items in your yard tonight before heading to bed.

Wind Gusts

Wind Gusts

Right as I was finishing this blog, a new tornado watch was issued. This watch includes the entire viewing area until 5AM.

Tornado Watch until 5AM

Don and I think the overall tornado threat is low, especially since there have not been any tornado warnings where the watches have been issued. This means that the severe weather has not materialized as expected.  But we are still warm with temperatures in the 60s and dewpoints in the 50s and 60s, which is extremely high for it being the end of January. We will be watching the radar tonight and doing cut-ins if necessary.

Meteorologist Tiffany Savona

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  1. Jennie says:

    Thank you.

    1. maya says:

      is there school today?

      1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

        Yup. Only a few flurries and light snow showers. Sorry Maya. Jeremy

  2. Pam says:

    The winds are ridiculous out there!! Reminds me of hurricane season. :( BE SAGE EVERYONE! !!

  3. Terry G says:

    Thanks for all the reporting. Living up here in Gloucester (signpine) and being I’m from Florida and lived through many hurricanes I can tell you the straight line winds that game through were at least 65 but I think more like 70. Trees all around but not one came down. Amazing.

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