Freezing Rain Possible Monday Morning?

January 27th, 2013 at 9:26 pm by under Weather

Road conditions have improved greatly over the weekend after a very messy Friday evening commute. But…some of us may be in for another small dose of winter weather early Monday morning. A warm front will move through the region tonight bringing in more cloud cover and switching our winds from the east to out of the southwest. Thanks to the clouds, temperatures should not fall as quickly as they have been on previous nights. However, lows are expected to be in the upper 20s, lower 30s tomorrow morning, which is still below freezing. So here is where the forecast gets tricky. This is what our Future Trak model looks like at 7 am Monday morning.

Future Trak at 7AM Monday

Showers begin to develop across the Peninsula and points to the north. Warmer air will move in behind the warm front, keeping the lower layers of the atmosphere above 32 degrees. So the precipitation will fall as rain. Surface or ground temperatures will be at or slightly below 32°. This means that the rain drops will freeze on contact with the ground, sidewalk, bridges, or overpasses. Freezing rain is extremely dangerous because these icy spots are usually very hard to see especially when driving. Keep in mind that areas that appear to be wet may be icy.

If we see the rain move in around 6-7AM Monday morning, then I think freezing rain is definitely a possibility for areas north and west of the metro. This includes:

Peninsula: Williamsburg and points to the west

Middle Peninsula: Gloucester and points to the west

Northern Neck: Tappahannock and points to the west

Freezing Rain Possible in the Pink Shaded Area

If the rain moves in about an hour or two later, then surface temperatures may already be above the freezing mark. This would be the best case scenario. Keep in mind that this forecast may change. One degree can make all the difference.  Jeremy will be in Monday morning tracking the rain and where temperatures are below freezing.  All of the rain should be gone around noon with temperatures warming into the upper 40s.  Monday is only the beginning of our warm-up. Highs will be in the 60s Tuesday and Wednesday. This will be a welcome sight for many after seeing highs in the 30s for the past 5 days in a row, unless you love the cold weather.  The last time we saw a 5 day streak where high temperatures were in the 30s was back in January 2011.

# of days in a row with high temps in the 30s

Luckily, this streak will come to an end tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Be careful driving to work Monday morning.

Meteorologist Tiffany Savona

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