Timing The Snow for the Afternoon

January 25th, 2013 at 1:18 pm by under Weather

Well it looks like this afternoon is going to be interesting. Earlier, if you read Jeremy’s Blog he said the timing would be between 2-4 pm. It still looks like that is the timing when we will see the accumulating snow.

SAT/RAD at 12:45pm

You can see, just before 1pm the snow is starting to get closer to Hampton Roads. Notice one thing, in Raleigh while it mostly looks like snow there have already been a few reports of freezing rain and sleet. Also, I received a report that there were over 50 accidents in Raleigh in about 1 hour from the icy roads.

Future Trak @5pm

Remember, that timing of 2-4pm will be when we start to see the snow. Less than an hour after it starts the roads may already be icy.

Future Trak @ 8pm

After 5pm we may see a change over of the precip type in NE N.C. Some areas will see the snow change to freezing rain or even ice pellets/sleet. This will make the roads very icy. Keep an eye on the road conditions for the rest of the afternoon here:

Virginia DOT

North Carolina DOT

Hampton Roads Traffic

Across the Southside Hampton Roads, we may also see a brief time when the snow changes to ice and that could happen around 9pm (Give or take an hour).

As far as amounts, the map now includes Suffolk and Franklin in the 2-4″ territory.

Snow Totals for Today/Tonight

The snow is still expected to quickly move out around midnight tonight and we will see clearing and some melting of snow tomorrow, highs will be near 38 in the afternoon.

I’ll be on WAVY TV 10 periodically throughout the afternoon with updates. Don Slater and I will be on air starting at 4pm with a full forecast continuing in to the night to give you updates on where the snow is and how the roads are doing.  Remember, to drive slow, take plenty of time and leave plenty of distance between you and the other cars regardless if you have 4WD/AWD or not.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson


9 Responses to “Timing The Snow for the Afternoon”

  1. Ann says:

    Weather Team… looking at the radar loops, it appears there is a “bubble” over most of southside Hampton Roads where the snow is entering from the northwest but being eaten up before it gets here? Is this an accurate picture of the radar? I remember a similar scenario about two years ago where 2-4 inches of snow was predicted and a sudden trough of dry air entered and evaporated the precip. Thoughts?
    ~no snow in the 23456 zip code…

  2. Jason says:

    Starting to see a few snow flakes here in Norfolk Coleman place area

  3. Jeff says:

    Looks like dry air wins this round! Snow won’t last long with that huge dry slot coming in soon. Time to start dreaming and hoping for the storm next weekend. It’s hard being a snow lover around here!

  4. C. Dance says:

    It is snowing in the 23504 zip code!!! The roads are covered and so are the driveways. We are very excited. Hopefully it wil make it to 23456!!

  5. Chris says:

    So will Hampton be getting 1-3 inches like Don says or 2-4 inches? I don’t know how you can work with that guy, always trying to one-up you. Tell him to keep his jacket buttoned so he wouldn’t have to do it on air every 5 minuets….

  6. Crystal M. says:

    A little over 2″ here in Moyock NC and still going!

  7. Tammy Pope says:

    this morning the update of snow starting was 3pm so I arrived home about 2:55pm today and the snow sftarted falling 3pm lets see how many complaints there will be…. Good job!!!

  8. Tammy Pope says:

    In the 23607 area forgot to mention.

  9. Brian says:

    I have measured in Smithfield 3/4″

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