Thursday’s Snow Totals. More Snow Tomorrow Night.

January 24th, 2013 at 8:44 am by under Weather

A few of us got to see a good accumulation of snow this morning. Especially the Eastern Shore. Snow totals were over 6″ in Chincoteague and Northern Accomack Co. Our weather watcher Jan in Reedville measured around 2″ of snow this morning. In Williamsburg our Liz Palka reported a dusting of snow on the roads. For areas around Gloucester¬† I have heard of about 1/2 inch.

E. Shore Snow in Accomack Co.
Courtesy: Charlotte.

From what it looks like, most of that snow is fluffy and light. Today with the wind speeds being at 10-15mph and gusts to near 30mph from the north, this snow will blow around and keep the roads slippery for most of the day. The side streets and less traveled roads may become icy.

On Friday, we have another storm system that might cause a bit of a mess for us across Hampton Roads.

Wintry Mix for the Area (Friday PM)

In Virginia all we should see from this will be just snow. For the Southside Tidewater and in to NE N.C. the forecast becomes a bit more tricky. The current models bring in the snow around 4pm, but as we go through the night there are chances for it to change from snow to rain or for the possibility of freezing rain!

NAM 4KM at 7pm Friday

That freezing rain does start to get close to Elizabeth City and Ahoskie. The OZ NAM (The picture above is from the 6Z) has E. City with 0.25″¬† of Freezing Rain.

NAM Guidance Snow Totals:

  • Norfolk: 2-4″
  • Newport News: 2-4″
  • Elizabeth City: 2-3″

I am thinking we could see (subject to change):

  • 1-2 for Gloucester and the N. Neck
  • 1-2 for the E. Shore
  • 2-3″ for Suffolk, Franklin, and Smithfield.
  • 2-3″ for Norfolk, Chesapeake, Portsmouth
  • 1-2″ VA Beach
  • 1/2″ OBX before it warms up and the rain melts it away.

Stay tuned because if that rain/snow line shifts north or south by 20-50 miles (which it can in later model runs) the whole forecast can change.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

15 Responses to “Thursday’s Snow Totals. More Snow Tomorrow Night.”

  1. Crystal M. says:

    I live in Moyock NC and the last snow that was expected to hit, we never saw. I believe it was too warm that time around for us. If we end up getting the snow or ice, and the temperatures being the way they are, this is going to be sticking, right? Unless of course we all end up getting the rain I assume. I’d love to see some snow!

    1. Jeff Edmondson WAVY says:

      The ground is cold enough for it to start sticking. I wouldn’t expect anything more than 1″ of snow for your area as it looks like you are on the warm side of the storm.

  2. melissa says:

    Um and what are the totals if any more Yorktown area
    U didn’t talk about that

  3. J.B. says:

    If the Southside does get rain on top of snow, will the fact that the ground may be colder than the air mean it will freeze when contacting the road surfaces, giving us real mess?

  4. Shirley says:

    How much snow or any do you expect the Knotts Island area to get tomorrow and tomorrow night? Thank you for your time.

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      You’ll probably have more of a mix Shirley. It may not stack up, but you could potentially have some icing down there. Hopefully, not. Jeremy

  5. Ashlee says:

    Will the snow start today at 4p or tomorrow? I am excited for the snow but as a commuter, I want to be prepared for my evening drive home.

  6. Marc says:

    Jeff thanks for the update I have a question though. Tomorrow the temps during the day will be cold enough for all snow like you stated and in the evening the temps should drop a little and once the system gets offshore and starts to strengthen wouldn’t that wrap in more cold air on the back in as it moves away? So how would the snow change to rain with those circumstances?

    1. Jeff Edmondson WAVY says:

      The mid levels of the atmosphere might warm up just enough for areas across the Southside to get some rainfall. Stay tuned.

  7. jo ball says:

    I live in greenbrier chesapeke, how much you think we’s gone get?

    1. Jeff Edmondson WAVY says:

      1-2″ is Expected.


    whats the forcast for surry va 23883..

  9. Jasko says:

    Is it possible for newport news to get a higher snow amount?

  10. melissa says:

    Jeremy can u answer my question thank you
    Again what if any is Yorktown expecting fri

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Hi Melissa. I’d say you are in the 1-3″ range at this time. Jeremy

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