LMF: Sweet Thursday

January 24th, 2013 at 10:58 am by under THRS Live Music

The day of the week is Thursday and I just realized that I have yet to post something this week.  I do apologize but I think I can make it up to you with these series of words.  Some awesome new music is hitting the market this week and we’ll have a visual appetizer for you tomorrow.  We are welcoming back DJP and MrT to The Hampton Roads Show stage tomorrow and they’ll be kicking off the celebration of the release of their first full length debut album, Otolith, which will be released tomorrow.  I’ll talk about them more tomorrow.  This will be a first of a series that I have yet to name where bands and musicians will celebrate the release of their records by performing on the show on their release date.  Do you think I’ve said release enough.  So if you have any names for me, shoot me your idea and I’ll put in the suggestion box.

Logan Vath will also be releasing (ding!) his debut album later in March and will be our guest Friday, March 8.  He has been spending the last few months recording and fine tuning his record with producer Mark Padgett and has offered a little morsel from it.  Check it out below and check out more on Logan here. :

You still have a little over a week to vote for your favorite artists in the Veer Magazine Local Music Awards.  Speaking of Logan, he is nominated for several awards including Best Busker.  I could be wrong but Logan could be the first busker to win an award for busking without even ever busking.  Anyways, a lot of members of the Live Music Friday are nominated so get out there and vote and if you don’t remember where to vote, don’t worry, I got you covered.  Click here and VOTE! and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC!


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