Wednesday Night Update

January 23rd, 2013 at 8:12 pm by under Weather

Just thought I’d do a quick blog from home.  The models have trended a little farther north with the precipitation.  So we may be looking at just scattered flurries with a few snow showers for North Carolina and the Southside.  The Peninsula is still on track for a dusting up to a half inch.  Maybe up to an inch between Williamsburg to Yorktown.  Then there is a line from Gloucester Point east to Cape Charles and all points northward where a half inch to an inch and a half is possible.   There is no doubt that there is a lot of dry air at the surface, and this will be very tough to overcome.  Our model and HPC are the only ones that really show any snow (more than a dusting) down to the Southside.  Now it will be possible to get some bay effect snow on the Southside as a strong northerly wind is expected to set up for a while.  That would probably set up more towards midday and the early afternoon.  So even if the southside gets missed from the the main system (upper level low), then we could get a little from that effect.  Here is a look at our model, but Don Slater will have the updated run tonight at FOX news at 10 or WAVY news at 11. 

Future Trak Scene3

Future Trak

Tomorrow may be a hybrid between our model and what is shown from the National Weather Service forecast model: 

As you can see it focuses most of the accumulations from the Peninsula northward.  So either way this doesn’t look like the big one by any means.  There will probably be many cities without much snow in the morning.  The problem that I see though is that snow may be falling during the morning commute.  Even if snow is falling out of the sky, then people will slow down to enjoy the view.  Also what snow does fall will probably be blowing around on the roads.  So there may be some slow-downs or accidents in the morning.  We’ll be in early to give you the updates (4am). 

It is more likely to see some snow on Friday.  That could be a problem with not only a couple to a few inches of snow, but also some iciness mixing-in in some cities.  I will focus more on that system tomorrow, but just note that it could get pretty messy.  Possibly even for the Friday evening commutes.  Stay tuned!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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