Drip The Pets And Bring In The Faucets! I Mean Uhhhhh.

January 22nd, 2013 at 8:10 am by under Weather

Sometimes I have to cram in a lot of words into a short period of time.  So once in a while I mix up those words, and so I thought I would put in a funny title to the blog this morning.  Seriously though…cold weather has arrived into Hampton Roads.  This is some of the coldest weather we’ve seen in 2 years.  We started this morning with temperatures in the 20s and 30s, but the wind chills were in the teens and 20s.

Wind Chills This Morning

A strong cold front moved over us last night, but it moved through as a dry front.  So we didn’t have any precipitation with its passage.  Winds behind that system are increasing out of the northwest.  Winds will be running at about 10-20mph with gusts up to 25-30mph.  Especially near the shore.  That means that our wind chills through the afternoon will be in the teens and 20s.  Now if you think that’s cold, then you’ll be even more impressed with tonight.  Skies will be clear and winds will weaken a bit.  So low temperatures are forecast to be in the teens area-wide.  Wind chills will be in the single digits in some locations.  Now if the winds do drop in some of the rural-inland areas, then the low temps could also drop to the single digits.  Either way it’s time to bring in the pets and drip the faucets…(not the other way around as the title suggests).

We will stay dry tomorrow with lighter winds and increasing clouds.  However, on Thursday a weak upper level disturbance will move over the region. There isn’t a lot of moisture with that.  So we could see some flurries across Hampton Roads.  I don’t see any big snow out of that one.  Highs will be in the upper 30s.  On Friday the models suggest that we will have a decent-sized area of low pressure move through Hampton Roads.  The models do suggest that this will cause some rain and warming in the region.  If we get some overrunning precipitation earlier than the models show (which is a common occurrence), then we may get a few flurries or a light snow shower in the morning.  We should warm it up enough to get rain showers or a bit of a mix during the afternoon.  If the cold air works in faster Friday night, then we may try and transition some of that over to snow showers.  The European model shows a little longer time with the cold air, so we’ll have to watch it closely.  The timing is important, and right now the models do disagree. We’ll see which way they trend.  So stay tuned!
Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

2 Responses to “Drip The Pets And Bring In The Faucets! I Mean Uhhhhh.”

  1. Matt says:

    In response to your reply from yesterday is “Best chance will be on Saturday where a couple of inches will be possible. We finally got the cold air. So these next precipitation events will have a good shot at sticking.”…still holding true?..I am hoping so :)

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      The precip looks to come in a little sooner…Friday. Mostly during the afternoon which would equate to more of a mix. Perhaps a transition to snow at the end. If it comes in a little sooner, then we could start it as flurries for some light snow…IE Friday morning. We’ll see. Jeremy

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