Buckle Up, The Arctic Express is Coming To Town.

January 21st, 2013 at 10:15 am by under Weather

Are you ready for this? We are about to enter a 3-day stretch of highs in the 30s. It all starts tomorrow.

Very Cold Air in Canada

A big blast of cold air is coming this way. Right now the coldest air in North America is in Northern Minnesota and in Ontario, Canada. That -36 is the actual temperature (below zero) in northern Ontario. Wind chills with this system are near -40. By the time the cold air makes it here it will not be nearly as strong/cold, but we will see a few days that will be very chilly.

Wind Chill Near 20 tomorrow.

We will see the passage of the cold front tonight which will switch our winds from the East to the Northwest. After the wind changes to that direction, the wind speed will also increase to about 20mph. With a wind that strong it will make the wind chill feel like its about 20 outside.

3 Days in the 30s.

Tuesday will feel the coldest, but the coldest morning will be a tie between Wednesday and Thursday morning where the low is expected to be near 19 degrees. The last time we had a stretch of 30 degree weather was back in January of 2011 where 6 days were in the 30s for highs.

It won’t be cold enough to freeze over the Chesapeake Bay like in the 1970s, but it will be cold enough for some chilly wind chills. Here is a chart to follow for tomorrow if you step outside. All you need is the Air Temp and Wind Speed:

Wind Chill -NOAA

Besides the cold, there isn’t any rain or snow for that matter in the forecast until Friday where we may see some late day showers.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

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