Flood Warning For Parts of Tidewater

January 19th, 2013 at 8:58 am by under Weather

Thanks to the recent heavy rain and snow events we have had there is a flood warning for parts of Hampton Roads.

Flood Warning Until Wednesday 9pm

For Sussex, Isle of Wight, Southampton, and the City of Suffolk there is a flood warning for the Blackwater River until Wednesday at 9pm. The Blackwater River is supposed to crest on Monday at 11.4ft with 10.4ft being the minor flood stage. According to the National Weather Service at 11.8ft parts of route 611 (Joyners Bridge Rd) and Route 619 will be flooded. These levels will be similar to the flood from December 11th, 2009.

Melting Snow Today

Warm Temps = Melting Snow

The sun and warmer temperatures this weekend will add a bit more to the river flow causing this flooding potential. Besides that, there is not any other rain in the forecast across our area for the next several days.

Cold Air on the way.

Tuesday looks much colder with an arctic blast of air arriving. Highs will be near 32 on Tuesday with wind chills near 20 degrees.

Enjoy your weekend,

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

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  1. brad says:

    Snow next week maybe????

    1. brad says:

      Next weekend* thoughts?

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