Where’s My Heat??

January 13th, 2013 at 8:31 am by under Weather

Yesterday lots of folks were asking that very same question…. Where’s the heat?  Well what looked like a simple slam-dunk forecast turned into a slightly complicated bust!  The forecast was for a warm front to move in and then north.

Yesterday’s Forecast

Well a warm front did move in on Friday.  It was headed north, however, it lost its steam yesterday.  A weak area of low pressure formed offshore.  So the front ended up getting pushed back south all the way into North Carolina as a cold front. This was not forecast by any of the models.

Yesterday’s Actual Weather

This morning many areas had a lot of moisture and cool temperatures. So widespread fog formed.  I did notice though that the winds were out of the south this morning.  Also, it looked like the fog was already improving in the metro area as of 8am.  Today the front is forecast by many a person and model to head north.  So I am pretty optimistic that we will get some clearing and some warming later today, but it’s not clear how far northeast the warm front will move.  It may not clear the Northern Neck and Eastern Shore by the end of the day.  So folks may not warm up as much in those areas.  Overall many will see high temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s.  You’ll just need a little more patience.

Tomorrow a cold front will be approaching from the west.  We will warm up quite a bit before it gets here.  By tomorrow afternoon highs will rise into the low/mid 60s.  Possibly upper 60s.  That depends on how soon the rain will arrive.  If it gets here by late afternoon, then we’ll be more in the low-to-mid category.  If it arrives in the evening then upper 60s.  Temps are expected to drop sharply tomorrow evening.  So on Tuesday behind the front, highs are only expected to be in the upper 40s.  The front will probably stall out just to our south.  So rain will continue from tomorrow night through Wednesday.  We could see a couple of inches of chilly rain in the next 4 days.  The details and timing of the fronts will probably change a bit so stay tuned.


Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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