LMF: Veer Music Awards Show Preview

January 10th, 2013 at 12:22 pm by under THRS Live Music

Our local music scene is thriving by the day with the increasing population of hard working musicians putting in their souls into their craft.  Each band works tirelessly each year booking shows, writing tunes, spending ungodly hours in the studio and now it’s time to honor them.  Tuesday, Feb 12, The Naro will be home to the Veer Music Awards show.  Honoring the best in everything local from best jazz to best metal to best digital media including blogs (wink, wink).  Nominations were selected by a committee of local music professionals and the final list will be unveiled in the January issue of Veer Magazine, which will hit newsstands Friday, Jan. 18.  Jeff Maisey and his awesome staff are putting an incredible lineup together of performers for the show.  Each year has a theme, last year’s was “Love” and the each band that performed had to play a cover song with the word love in the title.  This year’s theme is mash-ups.  So Jeff asked several bands if they would “mash-up” with a fellow local and did they ever.

The lineup includes several of members of the LMF alumni starting with Seth Stainback with Jackie Scott, Broken Mouth Annie with Skye Zentz, D*NIK with Chidori Matsumoto of The Office, Crissy Babe & The Dastards with Grant Austin Taylor, SICMaN of VA with K’bana Blaq and The Mirrors with Patrick Walsh of Buzzard.

The night will also include a rockabilly tribute to Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps featuring Dickie Harrell on drums, Skip Frontz Jr on bass, David Paul on guitar and Todd Owens on vocals.

Tickets for the show will be $5 and available at The Naro box office the day of the show.  The show WILL sell out, so you’ll want to get there early.  If you did get a ticket, it will not only get your into the awards show but it will also get you into the THREE after parties.  That’s right, THREE parties will be happening simultaneously after the awards show wraps up.  96X will be hosting their party at Belmont House Of Smoke, Veer Magazine will host the party at Colley Cantina and HardcoreNorfolk.com will host a party at Cogans, where they will have live music for the first time since Reagan was in office.  The will all happen at the same time, so you can mingle at one then hop over for a brew at another.  Good times will be had.

Winners will be determined from a 50/50 vote between the selection committee and the public through online voting at Veer Magazine’s website.  Online voting will start as soon as the nominations are unveiled.

This will be an epic event and I will be there, so I hope to see you there too.  As always, SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC

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