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January 8th, 2013 at 11:42 am by under THRS Live Music

It’s a lovely day here in the LMF offices aka my desk.  The coffee is hot and the music is loud and it’s time to start talking about all things local and what you have on your plate.  We’ll continue what we started yesterday and that’s introducing you to the six local hard rock bands vying to win 2 opening slots for the Halestorm show at The NorVA Friday, Jan. 25.  The Battle For Halestorm will take place THIS Thursday and the winners will be determined by votes from the audience.  This is a huge opportunity for our locals as the Halestorm show is expected to sell out.  Yesterday we introduced you to A New Day Rising and As The World Turns.  Today, we turn our attention to Chainangel and Ghost Of April



This Virginia Beach band has had a long history in the local hard rock scene.  Originally established in 2004, the band decided to take a break in 2007 to pursue other ventures.  Not wanting to let go of their dreams and passion, they reformed two years later and started writing material that would become The Providence Sessions, an EP that was released in 2011.  David Ballard provides the guitar while bassist James Phillips and drummer Shawn Atkins provide the back beat.  Original lead singer Katelyn Stewart of the Whiskey Straight will be providing the vocals the night of the battle.  Check out Chainangel here.

Ghost Of April

An alternative/metal band from Newport News, Ghost Of April have been supplying ample amounts of rock since 2010.  Their debut EP, Rebirth has been selling incredibly well and they have been out supporting their newest release, Charity.  You can grab both of them on iTunes.   Ghost Of April are vocalist Amar Okanovic, guitarist Ian Gardea, drummer Josh Ray and bassist Tyler Levy.  You can connect with Ghost Of April here.

Tomorrow I’ll introduce you to the final two bands, Inference and JACT.

In other news, one of our Live Music Friday family members needs your help in making their next album.  JP3 (Justin Pietrowski Trio) has set up an Indiegogo page to help fund their next venture.  They are heading to the Fortress of Solitude Studios in Maryville, TN to record their followup to their 2011 release, Out Of The Wreckage and as you know, to make an awesome top notch record, you need some cash.  Packages range from $10 – $500 and they are plenty of great perks for your donation.  Click here to help Justin and the guys out.

Speaking of new records, 2013 is going to be a big year locally for new releases.  From The Last Bison to Over The Ocean, a ton of great new music is on it’s way to your personal media player and one of the first ones out of the gate is the much anticipated release from Uglyography.  Four Shafts are Uglier than One will be released Sat. Jan. 26 and will host a release party at the Hampton Taphouse along with The Gloom!  $10 at the door will get you the CD and a digital dowload.  They will also be our Live Music Friday featured artist this week.  Also,  DJP and MrT.‘s new record,  Otolith,  will be released Friday, Jan. 25 and they’ll be hosting a big release party that night at 80/20 Burger Bar on 21st. St in Norfolk.  So head out there, grab a burger and a CD that will be very hard to remove from your player.

That it’s for me today, I’ll catch up with you lovely people tomorrow.  Get out there and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC



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