LMF: The Battle For Halestorm

January 7th, 2013 at 12:17 pm by under THRS Live Music

Back in July, an epic battle occurred at The NorVa for the honor to open for Buckcherry.  Six great rock bands from Hampton Roads (Gypside, 180 Out, Pillbuster, Dirty Rock, One Among Us, Seven Ten Oil) played their hearts out for the crowds vote and in the end, One Among Us and Seven Ten Oil won the slot.  Well, another battle is brewing and this time the coveted prize is to open for Grammy nominated rock outfit, Halestorm.  This Thursday, six well deserving local bands are vowing for two spots to open in front of a packed NorVa crowd.  Leading up to the big event, I’m going to introduce you to two bands a day and today I’m going to start off with A New Day Rising and As The World Burns.


A New Day Rising

Our first Live Music Friday artist of 2012, A New Day Rising has been rocking the local music scene since 2009.  Backed by the double pedal speed work of drummer Justin Gessner, the power vocals of Kevin Cullen, a pounding low end of bassist Katy Carroll and the dual guitar work of Brandon Young and Tyler Bennett, ANDR grabs the and sucks in the attention of every audience they play in front of.  You can check them out here.


As The World Burns

Formerly known as RUST, this hard rock band has been tearing it up since 2008.  Self-described as the result of a one-night stand between Megadeth and Ozzy and raised by Steve Vai and David Gilmore, the band is fronted by the intensity of lead vocalist John Ferreira, deep ranging guitars from Rich Clark and Even Swenson and an heart pounding beat from drummer Jim Vandale and bassist Barry Couch.  They have a self-titled full length album that’s available now and make sure you check out their song, Face Me where they channel everything from Pink Floyd to Dream Theater.  A great tune.  Check them out here.

You can get your $10 tickets from either contacting the bands directly, who will happily deliver the tickets to you or you can get them at the Jewish Mother Backstage or at the door Thursday at The NorVa box office.  Get out there and SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC.

Tune in Tomorrow where I’ll be featuring Chainangel and Ghost Of April.

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