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January 4th, 2013 at 10:08 pm by under THRS Live Music

Let me officially welcome you to the year of 2013.  This is going to be one of the best years for Live Music Friday, tons of new acts that are waiting to tickle you with their musical interludes and some old friends with brand new tunes waiting to fill your iPad Mini.  Remember several bands such as Revery and Over The Ocean who were working on new records when they made their LMF debut?  Well, they will be releasing them this year and we will have them on the show the week their new album drops.  So get ready for an awesome journey and clear out your old digital player and make room for all of the new local awesomeness that will change your world, perhaps you should start off by purchasing My Top Ten Of 2012 (wink, wink).

One song that was on my list was A Resistance, For You by Bear Crossing, who so happen to be our first Live Music Friday feature artist of 2013.  A fantastic rock group and an overall great bunch of guys, Bear Crossing literally has exploded onto the scene in my matter of months.  They played a showcase show in August, get signed on the spot from Warner, signed by Jeff Hanson’s Management group, eat some sandwiches, get played on MTV (and MTV doesn’t even play music anymore) and just takeover the souls of every new fan they encounter and are thanked for it.  They are also NY Mets star David Wright’s favorite band, so how on Earth could you not love these guys.  Before the show, they were wondering if they had to play unplugged after seeing Pilot!’s unplugged performance on the show.  I told them the reason they performed acoustic was because their drummer couldn’t make it in for the taping and it was really their choice which way they wanted to play but my vote was for plugged.  They performed two songs off of their album, “Our Friend, Hope”.  The first one was their new single, Kings and they closed out the show with A Resistance, For You.  As you know, the closeout song rarely gets it’s full airtime (because of the amount of time left in the show) and today was no exception but lucky for you, we still record on the song and offer it as a web exclusive.  So if you missed it or just want to relive it in it’s entirety, here it is:

My featured show this weekend is happening Saturday night at The Wesley House at ODU.  LMF family members, Solemn Flight and A New Day Rising will be performing with JACT and Four Nights Gone from NY.  A great night of rock all for just $5.  Show starts at 6p and it’s cash only at the door.

If you want to honky tonk it up, then head out to Mojo Bones OV to catch one of my favorites, Gina Dalmas and CTP.  Always a great performance from Gina, Greg, Chris and Gabe, the y know how to have a good time.  Saturday. 9p

And Sunday, don’t forget to tune your FM dial to 96.1 at 11p for The Local Music Show with Crizti Walsh.  1 hour full of nothing but pure local music and of all genres and sizes.

That’s it for me today.  Your #1 New Year’s resolution should be to SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC

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