A Wet December for Hampton Roads.

December 29th, 2012 at 8:37 pm by under Weather

It was a rainy Saturday morning for most areas in Hampton Roads. Many locations picked up at least 0.5″ of rain earlier today.

Saturday Rainfall Totals

Saturday Rainfall Totals

This brings our total for December up to 4.48″ for the Norfolk Airport, which is where all of our climate data is kept. The first half of December was extremely dry. Norfolk only saw 0.14″ of rain from December 1-15. So, we really made up for it during the last 2 weeks of the month. The normal rainfall total for the entire month of December is 3.26″ Remember this number is just a 30-year average. Even though we will be 1.22″ above normal for the month of December, we will not break any records. The wettest December on record for Norfolk was back in 2009 when 7.57″ of rain was recorded. The driest on record was in 1933 when Norfolk only saw 0.66″ of rain. We will not be adding to our rainfall total any more this month, since Sunday and Monday (the last 2 days of the month) are expected to remain dry.

Sunday is going to be cool and chilly with below normal temperatures in the forecast. Winds will be increasing in speed tonight as a storm system continues to strengthen offshore to the north of us. On Sunday, winds will be sustained between 15-25mph with 30mph gusts possible. Winds could gust up to 40mph along the Eastern Shore.  The strong northwesterly breeze will make it feel even colder outside.

Temperature vs. Wind Chill

The blue line is the forecast temperature for different times during the day starting at 7AM and ending at 9PM. When you factor in the wind, you will get a wind chill temperature, which is how it actually FEELS outside. By looking at this graphic, you can see that it will FEEL like the 20s in the morning and it will FEEL like the 30s during the afternoon. Stay warm out there!

-Meteorologist Tiffany Savona




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