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December 20th, 2012 at 7:28 am by under Weather

While we’ve had some quiet weather recently, things are going to get a little more active across the region.  It will be very active in the Midwest.  That’s Where a large area of low pressure has been forming and tracking.

Large Midwest Storm System

We will be well out ahead of the system during the day today.  High pressure will slowly break down though.  We’ll have strong southeasterly winds developing with gusts up to 25mph.   So after a chilly start, the high temps will rise back up to the low 60s this afternoon.  Clouds will increase and a few showers are possible late in the day.

As the front gets closer tonight there will be some instability.  So a few thunderstorms are possible along with some heavy rain.

Future Trak (10pm)

The bulk of the rain will fall between 8pm and 3am.  We can expect about a half inch of rain with a few cities getting up to an inch.  Tomorrow the rain will push out by sunrise.  So we will have some drier weather.  However, the winds will really pick up behind the front.  We will have west/northwest winds gusting up to 40mph.

Wind Forecast

The reason the winds will be so strong will be due to the impressive Midwest low and the strong gradient between that and an offshore high.  So let’s talk more about that area of low pressure for travelers.  There is some cold air that will really wrap-in behind the system.  The snow forecast has increased in the Midwest.  There will be some areas with about 6-10 inches of snow.  The low will migrate from Illinois to New York over the next couple of days, and the snow along with it.  Tomorrow there will be some heavy snow falling from West Virginia into Ohio.

Travel Forecast (Snow In West Virginia)

Even if you are flying to another destination away from the Midwest/Northeast, then it’s possible that you will have a delay due to the connecting/incoming flights.  So check ahead in the next 48 hours.  This also pertains to loved ones coming in from out of town.  Behind this system most areas in the east will dry out for the weekend.  Not so much for the far northeast though.  Stay tuned for updates on all of this.  If you are doing some travel, then be safe out there.  Have a good one.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the update Jeremy. I must admit though I’m a little surprised on the non talk about the possible weather even the day after Christmas and 27th. Even though its still a little ways out wouldn’t you want to inform people there could possibly be some wet weather those 2 days since people could be possible traveling back to there homes? I mean the models have been trending more east and if a couple more runs keep this trend up then we could be talking about wintry weather around here. I know you all don’t like to get everybody excited or stirred up but it would probably be a welcome gift for this time of year. Anyways I would like your insight to this and why the non talk about it because 53 degrees and partly cloudy on Wednesday next week seems a little off. Thanks.

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