Wet And Chilly Today…Here’s Why.

December 12th, 2012 at 7:45 am by under Weather

We’ve seen showers already this morning across the southside and northeast North Carolina.  The cold front that dropped all the temperatures yesterday has stalled out offshore.  North of the front there are chilly winds out of the northeast.  At least at the surface.  Aloft there are warmer winds out of the southwest.  Both airmasses are humid.  So this clash of the airmasses is going to cause showers over at least half of the area today.

Today’s Weather Map

The best chance for rain will be closer to the front.  So there is about a 70-80% chance for rain over northeast North Carolina and the Outer Banks.  About a 60-70% chance over the southside, 30-50% over the Peninsula, and only a 10-30% chance for the Middle Peninsula, Northern Neck, and Eastern Shore.

Rain Chances For Today

Rain amounts may reach up to an inch in North Carolina.  Perhaps a quarter to half inch on the southside.  Lesser amounts elsewhere.

Forecast Rain Totals

Winds will be gusting up to 25mph out of the northeast.  This may create some minor tidal flooding along the Outer Banks during high tide.  There may be a little nuisance tidal flooding around the southside, but no big problems are expected.

We’ll dry out tomorrow with highs in the low 50s.  We’ll still have breezy northeast winds, but the system will push away from us.  It looks pretty good for Friday. .. Mostly sunny and highs in the mid 50s. We will warm up this weekend into the low 60s with a chance for showers again on Sunday.

Some folks are asking about this possible nor’easter early next week.  While it does look like a strong low near the region, the latest forecast track makes it much less impressive for Hampton Roads.  It may be a big deal for some of the northeast states, but even then it mostly looks like a warm system.    Some brief strong winds could impact coastal areas that were hit by Sandy.  The low is expected to form over West Virginia Monday night and then strengthen over New Jersey on Tuesday.  That is a track that is pretty far north.  Way too far north for any snow here.  In fact there probably won’t be much of a northeast wind at all over Hampton Roads.  It will mainly be north/northwest.  So I won’t call it a nor’easter for us.  Now the track could change, but at the moment I’m not too psyched about next Tuesday.  Stay tuned!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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  1. Cody says:


    Not excited about next weeks storm…but was reading a blog by a VERY good Met in the Richmond area and he is saying that storm next week will help change the overall pattern. He said snow chances look to increase for all of VA around and after Christmas!!

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Hey Cody. Good to hear from you. Good point, and I agree with that. There will definitely be some shots at snow coming down the pipe. (probably January). Could get interesting. You take care. Jeremy

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