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December 11th, 2012 at 8:08 am by under Weather

Not just here, but across the U.S. there are some big changes lately.  Locally, we have a strong cold front that is breezing through the region.  This morning we had widespread temperatures in the 60s.  It was very warm.

Cold Front Moving Through

There wasn’t much rain along the front, but we did have a few scattered showers this morning. It was actually a little heavy across the Outer Banks for a while.  Other than a sprinkle or two there won’t be many showers behind the front this afternoon.  Temperatures later today will drop to the upper 40s.

Today’s Forecast Map

Tonight the front will stall out well offshore.  An area of low pressure will form along it.  Clouds will increase again overnight and a few showers are again possible.  Tomorrow the low will move northeast along the front (offshore).  This will give us scattered showers in the area.  It will also provide for breezy northeast winds.  With those conditions, temperatures are only expected to reach the upper 40s for highs.  Expect low 50s on Thursday with increasing sunshine.

We will warm things up a little towards the weekend, but the models are hinting at another cold surge early next week.

The big change across the country is the snowpack.  About a week or two ago I wrote a blog about the lack of snow cover.  Up until 2 days ago we only had 6% of the country with a snowpack. That is well below the average.  After the big storm rolled through the Rocky Mountains, Plains states, and Midwest, the percentage of snow coverage jumped to about 33%.

Snow Coverage U.S. (NOAA)

This will allow for more and deeper cold surges to move south.  This could set us up for some snow chances within the next 30 days.  (We’ll see).   There may be a little snow in parts of Virginia next week, but probably not in Hampton Roads.   Stay tuned though travelers.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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