Movie Review: Life of Pi is a slice of heaven

December 3rd, 2012 at 1:14 pm by under THRS Movie Reviews

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Life of Pi is based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel.  Many who have read it wondered how it could possibly be brought to life on film.

Pi is the name of a young man (Suraj Sharma is young Pi and Irrfan Khan as adult Pi) in India (Short for Piscine — the story of the shortening is told in the film).  Pi’s family owns and lives in an exotic zoo.  While Pi is off investigating Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, and the religions of the world, financial problems are bearing down on his family.  Soon the family boards a cargo ship with the most valuable animals.  The family — bound for a new life in Canada; the animals to be sold to various buyers in the US.

But a storm changes the plan.  Pi soon finds himself the only human survivor on a life boat with four of the animals… And only the Bengal Tiger survives.  His name is quite interesting and endearing and is explained in the film as well.

Their journey and the storytelling unfold as one with the film narrated by the adult Pi remembering and also the young man Pi living the story.  It’s a  beautiful balance between different but the same characters.

David Magee adapted the novel to screenplay and Director Ang Lee works his magic throughout the film and anyone else who was hoping for a Directing Oscar this year must be quaking in their boots over this film’s release.   Lee’s use of 3D is breathtaking at times, and the portrayal of the circumstance that landed a teenager occupying a life boat with a Bengal  tiger for 227 days is life-changing.

You will struggle to be able to tell the difference between the real life tiger used in a few scenes and the CGI tiger created by a team of hundreds of artists working on the film.  Shot on a closed set, the expanse of ocean is amazing as well.  What you believe is real is questioned — which goes to the heart of the film.  Not since Avatar have I felt the use of 3D so imperative to the movie-going experience.  It enhances the film and the wonder of the story — which at its core is about the beauty of our world, at large and at home.  But it is also about the role religion plays in our lives.

Many people struggle with differences among religions and many others simply believe.  Life of Pi examines them all and looks at why faith is faith, while giving you the option to believe in this amazing story.  A must see!  Oscar is calling!

Five out of five cookies

Rated PG for emotional thematic content throughout and some scary action sequences and peril.

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  1. tully says:

    Great Movie…..

  2. tully says:

    My eleven year old grandson leaned into me during the movie and said: This is Awesome! The Life Of Pi exploded before us and touched all our senses. The movie was a phantasmagoric ride through the journey of our lives.

  3. Jackie says:

    Nice review. So accurate you wrote Buddhism instead of Hinduism!

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