See the Solar System in Full This Month

December 1st, 2012 at 9:12 am by under Weather

If you are a amateur astronomer or just like to stargaze it is going to be an exciting month to be looking at the sky. All of the planets in our solar system will be visible and most will be easily seen with the naked eye.

Morning of Dec. 1st Venus Visible (Just under the Banner)

This morning before Sunrise and for the next few mornings you should be able to see Saturn, Venus, and Mercury if you look to the southeast sky. Images below courtesy of

Venus, Saturn, and Mercury in the SE Sky around Dawn.

Jupiter visible around midnight.

Uranus, Neptune, and Mars at sundown.


Over the next few nights ahead we will start to see a few more clouds, but there should be plenty of time this month to catch all of the planets.

Happy Stargazing!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

4 Responses to “See the Solar System in Full This Month”

  1. Saltwater Cowboy says:

    That was predicted in the Mayan calendar, that the planets would be in alignment and it would cause devastating changes in the world as we know it.

    1. idiot says:

      Shut up fool! Did you personally read the mayan calendar? No, so quit being so gullable! Your believening a myth made by ppl. It doesnt say anywhere about end of the world. It simply says a new batkua

  2. michele baird says:

    Jeff, thanks for this awesome tip. Just a note: you cannot ‘see’ neptune and uranus with out a really great telescope. And they move, move move so you must be able to track them.

  3. Cj Hitt says:

    as long as I can remember I have always love to watch the night skies and have told many of my friends. the night sky has always been a fascination to me. thank you for the beautiful pictures. I’m going to look for them all.

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