Sunny, but Colder Today

November 24th, 2012 at 9:08 am by under Weather

You can tell it is almost winter since we have a full day of sunshine, but our temperatures are only going to stay in the 40s. Strong northwest winds today at 10-15mph and gusts to nearly 25mph will keep our highs about 10-15 degrees below the normal high of 59 today. We are also going to be nearly 20 degrees cooler than yesterday!

Below 0 Temperatures in Minnesota

This air is coming from one of the coldest places in North America right now. Southern Ontario, Canada and in Northern Minnesota lows this morning were at -4F. The image above was captured at 9am. Also, along the Great Lakes, Lake Effect Snow is occurring thanks to the cold air. Tonight an area of high pressure will move overhead which will calm down the wind.

Sub-Freezing Temperatures Tonight

That white line is where I believe the freezing line will be. If you are west of it, expect temperatures to be below freezing for several hours (hard freeze). If you are East of it, you might see a frost, but a hard freeze is more unlikely.

Tomorrow our temperatures will climb close to the 50 degree mark in the afternoon. If you are looking forward to seeing some snow, none is in the forecast at this time, but I will keep watch.

Enjoy the cold (refreshing) temperatures!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

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