Onshore Winds Again Today

November 17th, 2012 at 8:57 am by under Weather

The persistent northeast wind is expected to continue today and for the next few days as a new coastal storm develops. This morning we started off cool and dry with mostly clear skies across our area. In the afternoon more clouds will start to move in from the southeast as that low develops off of the coast of South Carolina. Highs will be near 53 today.

Afternoon Sprinkles Possible

Later today there might be a sprinkle or two across the Peninsula and south. If you are going to one of the Grand Illumination Parades tonight remember to dress warm as temperatures will be near 49.

Stays Windy

With that area of high pressure to our north and that coastal storm to our south both will help to funnel in strong winds today. This afternoon wind speeds should be 10-15mph and gusts could be near 20mph. Along the coast gusts over 25mph are possible.

This push of air is also helping to push (or fetch) the water towards land; so for the rest of this weekend our tides are going to be running a bit higher than usual.

Just Below “Minor”

Just like we had yesterday in the morning we will see some nuisance tidal flooding around high tide at 11:30 am. Overnight the tides will be lower, but again tomorrow around noon the tides will be back up. Keep in mind…as we get further from a new moon phase the tides will not be as “enhanced” so the tide will begin to drop. Along NC 12 near Rodanthe, the tides as well as the surf will be running high today to cause more over-wash along the roadway.

This pattern is expected to end on Thursday (Thanksgiving). By then temperatures might warm back up to the 60s.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

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