Nor’easter On The Way?

November 4th, 2012 at 9:10 am by under Weather

The big question this morning…what do we have on our plates for Wednesday? Right now it is still early to really pinpoint the exact effects on what this storm could do. It is just developing this morning well off to our North and Northwest near Montana.

System To Watch near Montana

The only thing that this storm is going to do over the next 48 hours is travel down to the southeast. By Tuesday it should be off the coast of South Carolina. At this point its going to start to develop. The models bring this storm right along our coast on Wednesday. All of the models agree that it will get stronger during that time, but where will the center of the storm be?

Watching Wednesday

If it follows a track like what is pictured above then we could see some minor tidal flooding with high tides close to 5ft. Also, strong winds and rain with totals over 1 inch. The closer this storm is the more rain we will get. The latest GFS Model keeps the storm further out to sea and only bringing rain for Virginia Beach and the OBX.  If it follows that track the tidal flooding threat will diminish and we will not get a lot of rain from the storm.

By Thursday, this storm will move out of our area and we will see clearing skies. For now lets keep a watchful eye on it to see how it continues to develop.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

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