November, 2012

Hurricane Season 2012, Glaciers, And A Great Weekend!

November 30th, 2012 at 7:51 am by under Weather

Well, hurricane season 2012 is officially over.  It was another very busy season, and two big systems (Sandy and Isaac) impacted the U.S. and Caribbean.   Interestingly enough neither of those two hurricanes were major hurricanes.  That is testament to the fact that every storm is unique.  We managed to get 19 named storms with 10 hurricane and 1 major hurricane (Michael).

Hurricane Season 2012

There may be another storm forming in the Atlantic, but officially the season is over.

Along with that there was a recent report about Global Climate and the recent rapid increase in glacier melt.  This article from NBC news includes a new study from a group of scientists and universities.  It talks about how the melting has been much faster over the last few years, especially over Greenland.  I’m sure folks will argue some of this.  It has been documented that there is some increase in ice over part of Antarctica.  However, according to the study the overall net ice is melting over that continent.

Our local weather started chilly again this morning, and we also had some more frost.  As we head into the afternoon though, we’ll see lots of sunshine, light southwest winds, and so some warmer temperatures.  It will be a pretty nice day.

Today’s Forecast Map

Over the weekend we’ll continue to build the warmth in the region.  Highs will be in the low 60s on Saturday…Mid-upper 60s on Sunday.  But hey…it won’t stop there.  Warmer weather will continue on Monday and Tuesday with highs in the upper 60s to ….dun dun duuuuhhh near 70!  A cold front will move through next Wednesday and will cool things down with some showers by then. Enjoy the weekend.  It should be nice weather for Hollydazzle tonight in Newport News if you are heading to that.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Racing Into December- Here Come the Holidays… “On The Run!”

November 29th, 2012 at 4:01 pm by under Sports

The Latest Running news and Notes in Hampton Roads from Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

We Own the Streets “On The Run!”

Talking Turkey and Other Great Races!

We can’t quite embrace December without looking back on Thanksgiving. Everywhere you looked, people were on the go. Starting in Williamsburg, the Blue Talon Bistro Turkey Trot 5K was fast and furious for overall Winner, Joshua Schlickenmeyer, who blazed the 3.1 miles in 16:09. Nicole Carson led the Ladies with a 20:10.

On the Southside, The 6th Annual Turkey Run & SEAL Team Memorial Challenge offered a 10K and 5K. Good friend of the Blog, Ryan Carroll, clocked a 15:55 to claim the Winning spot, while Women’s Top Finisher, Cheryl McGarrigle raced down a speedy 21:30.

It’s not a typo- Ryan ALSO won the 10K in 33:04. \That’s Twice as Nice! For Ladies, Ashley Lynn Hay-Bryant was First to the Tape in 43:27 and Second in the 5K. Cheryl McGarrigle was Top Three for the 10K and great Inspirational Running Friend, Thomas Hicksgarnered a Top Three Finish as well. These people really raised the holiday bar!

Justin Turner always amazes…”On the Run!”

At Mount Trashmore, The Tidewater Striders had their 10K Turkey Trot and One Mile Race. Fresh off a Top Ten Finish and the Top Navy Finisher at The Marine Corps Marathon, good friend of the blog, Justin Turner cooked up the streets with an amazing 31:41. On this day, you needed to be quick and under 33 minutes if you were gonna hit the podium. Matt Chrabot was second in 32:38, while Caleb Doanfinished out the Top Three with a scorching 32:34.

Do we love the Ladies? We had to respect the women as the Top Three Ladies ALL broke 38 minutes with the incredible Renee High leading the way in 36:21, with Natalie Hall second in 36:46 and Stephanie Manny kicking in the third place finish in 37:56.

Even Race Walking legend, 61 year old, Tom Gerhardt was strong with his 1:01:37. I am thankful to know SO many talented and inspiring people, I never seem to have enough words to say how lucky I am to say that I know you.

Speaking of Legends, the One Mile race was pretty speedy as well with Eric Graves posting a 4:50. 14 year old, Julia Hamrick, of Virginia Beach was the Fastest female with a 6:10 effort. Throw in the fact that five other male youngsters were UNDER six minutes, this always seems to bring out the best youth Runners. They say “Children are our future”….

Looks Pretty Bright From Here!

I just wrote about how well young Runners are in this area, then I came across this: The first ever All-Freshmen XC Team has been released. The All-Freshmen Team includes 21 boys and 21 girls from the class of 2016. Cox’s Jonathan Lomogda had one of more impressive freshmen cross country seasons in recent memory as his 15:58 5K performance this past season and was highly recognized. His dad, John Lomogda is an incredible Triathlete and I bet he must be very proud. Huge Congrats, Jonathan! Most of us can only dream of your speed!

What’s On the Menu?

This weekend, get your red and green out for the Jingle Bell Run 5K at ODU. Head to York County and check out the Run with the Son for Haiti 5K. Sunday, head to Williamsburg for the Busch Gardens Christmastown Dash 8K. Top winners receive Busch Gardens Fun Passes, and all runners receive discounts for Christmas Town and one single-day ticket to Busch Gardens for the 2013 season. Naughty or Nice, seems like you’ll get a cool gift!

That’s the Latest in the “757″ for this week. Good luck with “whatever” you’re training for. I once read “It’s not what you’re running from. But what you’re running to that counts”. Enjoy the journey. Maybe, Ill see you soon…”On The Run!”

See You “On The Run” Soon!

                            On the Run with Sportswrap, Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding on

Frosty Start, But Warmer Temps Ahead!

November 29th, 2012 at 7:48 am by under Weather

No doubt about it….It was cold this morning.  Especially for late November.  The average low temperature is 31. This morning Norfolk got to 28 degrees.

Morning Temperatures

I had to scrape frost off my car, and many others reported the same thing.  Last night we had clear skies, light winds, and dry air in place.  That allows for your maximum cooling as the heat floats straight up into space.

Maximum Cooling!

If there is wind, then it mixes the air and delays the cooling.  If there is moisture, then that can hold some of the heat in place.   Clouds can also act like a blanket and trap some of the heat.  Although my old professor at Mississippi State said that it acts more like an electric blanket as it re-radiates the heat back down to the earth.

So as we go along today we will see lots of sunshine to warm things up.  We have a big area of high pressure around creating the nice weather.

Today’s Forecast Map

High temps will reach the low 50s this afternoon.  It actually may feel a little warmer with the full sunshine and lack of wind.  We’ll have a steady warming trend over the next few days.  Highs will be in the mid 50s tomorrow.  Upper 50s to near 60 Saturday, and then mid 60s on Sunday.  It’s possible that we could see a few inland 70s by next Monday/Tuesday.  How about that?  The next cold front will move through on Wednesday.

It’s interesting that we’ve had such a cool weather pattern lately, yet the global temperatures were the 5th warmest on record.  NOAA temps. 

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Va Beach/Kings/Arena Details worked out

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After months of negotiations it appears the details have been worked out to build an arena in Virginia Beach, and bring a major league sports team with it.

But the deal is far from being done.

A plan to build a $350 million arena on the Virginia Beach oceanfront, with an NBA team as its anchor tenant, moved forward during Tuesday night’s Virginia Beach City Council meeting.

Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms announced that he has been advised by Peter Luukko, the President and CEO of Comcast-Spectacor that a proposal is ready for the city to build the arena in the Virginia Beach resort area.

Today, the city staff under the direction of the Mayor sent to state officials a request for $150 million dollars to help with construction costs and moving expenses for the unnamed team.

As I reported earlier this month, George Maloof Jr., one of the owners of the NBA’s Sacramento Kings met in Richmond with Gov. Bob McDonnell and other state officials to talk about moving his team to Virginia Beach if an arena was built there. No one involved in the negotiations, including the Kings have ever confirmed the Kings are the “major league sports team” being referred to.

Before and since that meeting, Mr. Luukko, has been negotiating a deal with Beach officials and presumably the Kings to bring the three groups together.

The city would own the building, Comcast-Spectacor in partnership with concert industry giant Live Nation would manage and book the arena, provide lease payments and all operating costs. In partnership with world-wide concert promoter Live Nation, the operators would count on the major league sports team as it’s principal tenant. But the majority of the dates would be filled by major concerts, large religious functions and other sporting events. These events range from ACC and NCAA basketball tournaments, Olympic trials, NCAA swimming championships, and pay per view wrestling and MMA shows. Comcast-Spectacor would kick in $35 million to make the deal work.

The Kings would be the main tenant.

But the deal hinges on the Virginia General Assembly agreeing to borrow $150 million, with that money expected to be paid back over time via state tax revenue that would be generated by the arena.

$70 million of the requested state funds would go towards arena capital costs, and $80 million will go to the team for moving expenses. That would include an estimated $30 million dollar relocation fee the Kings would have to pay the other NBA owners, and for potential loss of income the Kings would face by having to play two years at the Old Dominion Constant Center while the arena is being built.

Already one consultant report, given to state officials, concludes an arena with an NBA team in Virginia Beach could generate as much as $182 million in visitor spending each year, with the state alone taking in almost $11 million a year in tax dollars.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has long supported efforts to bring a professional sports franchise to Hampton Roads. But will he have enough sway to convince state leaders that the state tax revenue the arena will bring in will pay off the loan? In addition to the money, McDonnell believes the national exposure of a “major league team” will be good for the state.

The city would be responsible for borrowing $195 dollars. The council it would seem, has to be convinced money generated by the arena on the local level will be enough to pay back that loan without the city having to use current or future tax dollars. In addition city hotels, restaurants and shops both in the resort area and nearby would look forward to increased business especially during the non-tourist season from September through April.

Mr. Luukko is expected to come before the Virginia Beach Council next week to make Comcast-Spectacor’s formal proposal. Mayor Sessoms told Jason Marks of WAVY-TV Tuesday night he and Mr. Luukko believed the chances of this all coming together was about 50-50.

LMF: It’s Late But Not Too Late

November 27th, 2012 at 11:11 am by under THRS Live Music

I think the toughest thing about writing this blog is trying to come up with the title.  Some days it’s pretty easy if I’m featuring an artist, reviewing an album or show but for the most part it’s a little challenging to come up with something creative.  Today’s title comes from one of my favorite bands of all-time and a song that has been in my head all day: Queen’s It’s Late.  A great and highly underrated tune written by Mr. Red Special (and my former employer), Brian May, this tune and title are appropriate for today’s feature as you don’t want to be late in getting your tickets for tomorrow’s 96X Winter Meltdown.  A very limited number of tickets are still available but you need to get them now as this event WILL sell out.  Get there early to catch a future headliner, The Aragona Project, as they kick things off outside at 3:45p followed by Atlas Genius.  According to Jeremy Wheeler, it should be sunny and in the high 40′s, so it won’t be that bad.  The Ted’s doors open at 5:30p and The Last Bison kicks things off inside at 6:15p.  Your full set times are right here:

3:30 – Monster Energy Pre-Party Outside Gates Open

3:45 – The Aragona Project

4:45 – Atlas Genius

5:30 - Main Doors Open

6:15 – The Last Bison

7:05 – Imagine Dragons

8:05 – Silversun Pickups

10:20 – Fun.



Cold Front Causing Showers

November 27th, 2012 at 8:29 am by under Weather

We had some scattered showers this morning.  They were happening along a stationary front that ran right through southeast Virginia.

Region Radar This Morning

The front will turn into a cold front and will move through the region.  North of the front there is some pretty chilly air.

Weather Map Today

it’s so cold up north that snow was falling across northern Virginia into Pennsylvania.  We won’t see any snow here, but we will drop temperatures late in the day.  Tonight the showers will taper off as drier weather moves in.  Lows will be in the upper 30s to near 40.  Tomorrow we’ll have clearing skies, but the high temperatures are only expected to rise into the upper 40s.  This is Winter-like weather without the snow, and it is a big difference from last year.

We will warm up nicely into the weekend with highs heading into the low 60s.  Maybe even some mid 60s.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Movie Review: Rise of the Guardians rises to the occasion

November 26th, 2012 at 12:14 pm by under THRS Movie Reviews

Click HERE to watch the trailer for Rise of the Guardians!

Rise of the Guardians Poster

Humor me with this one-sentence plot summary:  Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and the Tooth Fairy are teaming up to battle the Boogie Man named Pitch Black.   No, seriously.  That’s the plot and it works!And soon the Man in the Moon sends them help.  They have their doubts when a new Guardian is sent to join the fight, but they aren’t the only ones.  This would-be helper has his own doubts from the beginning.Jack Frost (Chris Pine) is that help and he has struggled with the fact that he is not being recognized by the kids of the world.  He brings winter fun and mischief to all and yet, no child seems to even know his name.

When he realizes he has to work with the Guardians to battle Pitch, he is all in.  One by one Pitch (Jude Law) takes on teh Guardians — trying to reverse the effects of the Guardians on the children who adore them.   For example, he runs wild replacing teeth the Tooth Fairy (Isla Fisher) previously replaced with money, so that when the kids awaken they find the teeth still there, thus they stop believing in her.  Or this example: when the eggs don’t show up on Easter Sunday, The Easter Bunny (Hugh Jackman) is called into question.   Imagine the catastrophe if the kids stopped believing in Santa!   In this film he is known as North (Alec Baldwin) and that could be reality if they don’t stop Pitch.

When the children stop believing, fear takes over, and the very existence of the Guardians is in jeopardy  So the Guardians must work as one to fight fear and make sure children don’t stop believing.

Rise of the Guardians is written by  David Lindsay-Abaire, based on the book series by William Joyce.  I have not read the books, but I plan on it.  The idea that this group of childhood favorites are out there guarding childhood ala The Avengers makes me smile.

The DreamWorks/Paramount film is directed by Peter Ramsey.  It is very well-done!  The use of 3-D is fun and the colorful visuals are fun to watch.  The action sequences are fantastic and completely believable.

So, do the Guardians win?  Can the Boogie Man be beaten?  Should we believe?  Questions you have to answer for yourself when you see it!

Rise of the Guardians is a fun and enjoyable ride with a lesson for all ages.  This magical movie delivers in every way.   Parents of young children be cautioned… Scary situations may follow you home.


Rated PG for thematic elements and mildly scary action.

Watch my full review online at

Chill Around Now…How About Snow This Year?

November 26th, 2012 at 9:22 am by under Weather

This last weekend was very chilly for this time of year.  We were in the upper 40s both days, but at least it was a dry chill.  The short-term forecast isn’t much warmer.  In fact we will be back in the upper 40s in the next few days.  Today we’ll see mostly sunny skies as high pressure sits nearby.  Winds will be light and variable.  (Finally!)   There is a cold front to the west, but it won’t even get close to Hampton Roads today.

Weather Map Today

Tomorrow a thin band of moisture will creep along the front into our region.  The models aren’t showing much in terms of rainfall.  Maybe a quarter inch with a few locations up to a half inch.  Our model (Future Trak) has scattered showers for most of the day, but the other models showed mostly afternoon/evening showers.  Highs will be in the 50s.  Behind the front we will quickly  dry out and cool down.  Highs on Wednesday and Thursday will be in the upper 40s while the lows will be in the 30s and 20s.  It does look like we will warm up next weekend a bit.

So in the long term many folks are wondering about snow.  Things are looking promising for snow this year.  The snowpack is building across Siberia.  This has been a new forecasting tool for climate that has gotten a lot of attention lately.

Snow Analysis Over Asia

Unlike last year, there is also a decent snowpack building over the Northern U.S. already.

Current U.S. Snowpack

Along with these features it also looks like the Arctic Oscillation is going negative while the North Atlantic Oscillation looks to go fairly neutral (negative would be more favorable). See the Patterns and Oscillations from NOAA.  El Nino has been a little finicky over the last year, so the jury is still out on that.

So it’s early still, and I don’t think we’ll see much of anything before Christmas. We’ll definitely see what the mid-Winter will bring though.  There’s no doubt we have a better chance than last year with some of the above mentioned.  The drought in the central U.S. will probably play a part as well.  Stay tuned!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

Coldest Night of the Season So Far…

November 24th, 2012 at 8:26 pm by under Weather

Are you ready for the coldest night of the season? Yes we have seen temperatures drop below freezing over the past month across inland locations. But tonight, all locations, even coastal areas should drop to 32 degrees or below for a couple of hours. We will likely see a lot of 20 degree readings for inland areas. Our normal low temperature this time of year is 42 degrees. Keep in mind that the National Weather Service will not be issuing any more freeze warnings this year because the growing season has already ended.

Tonight, we will have an excellent set-up for what meteorologists call radiational cooling (maximum cooling overnight).

1. The sky will remain clear.

Satellite Image

Most of the clouds are offshore right now. There are a few high clouds moving into the coastal areas, but these clouds are very thin and very high up in the atmosphere. Plus, these thin clouds should be clearing out over the next few hours. The Earth absorbs radiation (heat) from the sun during the day. Once the sun sets, this radiation will escape back into space. Clouds will block some of the radiation from escaping back into space, which is why temperatures do not drop as low when we have clouds in the sky. When we have a clear sky, all of this heat is lost and we have maximum cooling.

2. Light winds

Wind Speeds

Winds were much stronger this morning thanks to the cold front that moved in last night. Now, wind speeds range from 5-9mph. Light winds will allow the coldest air to sink to the surface.

3. Dry air


The dewpoint temperature is a measure of how much water vapor or moisture is in the air. I captured this graphic around 8 p.m. Dewpoints have already dropped into the teens and 20s, indicating that we have a very dry air mass in place across the region. Remember dry air warms and cools very efficiently. Therefore, the air temperature is going to fall very rapidly tonight, but will still stay above the dewpoint temperature.

If you still have any plants outside, it would be a good idea to bring them indoors for the rest of the season. Also be sure to bring the pets inside. Stay warm tonight!

Meteorologist: Tiffany Savona



Sunny, but Colder Today

November 24th, 2012 at 9:08 am by under Weather

You can tell it is almost winter since we have a full day of sunshine, but our temperatures are only going to stay in the 40s. Strong northwest winds today at 10-15mph and gusts to nearly 25mph will keep our highs about 10-15 degrees below the normal high of 59 today. We are also going to be nearly 20 degrees cooler than yesterday!

Below 0 Temperatures in Minnesota

This air is coming from one of the coldest places in North America right now. Southern Ontario, Canada and in Northern Minnesota lows this morning were at -4F. The image above was captured at 9am. Also, along the Great Lakes, Lake Effect Snow is occurring thanks to the cold air. Tonight an area of high pressure will move overhead which will calm down the wind.

Sub-Freezing Temperatures Tonight

That white line is where I believe the freezing line will be. If you are west of it, expect temperatures to be below freezing for several hours (hard freeze). If you are East of it, you might see a frost, but a hard freeze is more unlikely.

Tomorrow our temperatures will climb close to the 50 degree mark in the afternoon. If you are looking forward to seeing some snow, none is in the forecast at this time, but I will keep watch.

Enjoy the cold (refreshing) temperatures!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson