Effects From Sandy…A Monster

October 30th, 2012 at 11:15 am by under Weather

Sandy was a monster storm that is still affecting an area that is over 1000 miles across.  From North Carolina to Maine….  From New York to Wisconsin. It came onshore last night as a category 1 hurricane with 80mph winds near Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Satellite Radar Of Post-Tropical Sandy

The blue in the map above is snow.  Some areas out in West Virginia and Ohio will see over a foot of snow.  We’ve had flooding in the northeast, millions of people without power, and lots of local flooding as well.  The rain was pretty in-line with the projected forecast.

This is the 48 hour rain totals according to the National Weather Service sites:

Rain Totals

We had one person in Virginia Beach email and say that they had 8.53″.  Our weather watcher Scott in Yorktown had 6.74″ for the whole event.  Henry in Denbigh had 5.64″.  There were probably some areas on the Eastern Shore that had more than the 8.34″ shown.  I didn’t get the report from the Northern Neck nor the Middle Peninsula due to a phone problem.  Please feel free to submit your totals in the comments section.

Due to the heavy rain there was localized flooding.  However the tidal flooding was a huge problem. The tide at Sewell’s Point got up to 6.8ft.  That was below Irene (7.55ft), but some folks in Hampton Roads still had flooding that was similar to that hurricane.  Suffolk was a good example of that.  Duck , NC didn’t make it up to 8 feet as forecast, but it was over 7ft (About 7.6ft).  Wachapreague did make it up to  7.52ft.  We have had numerous reports of flooding due to either the direct tidal surge or from the northwest winds over the sound and the Bay.  Here are some photos of the tidal flooding.  This first photo was from Oceanview in Norfolk.  It is from Javaris Bass in Norfolk:

Tidal Flooding In Oceanview

This was a very common sight across a huge portion of Hampton Roads.

The third picture is from Hampton.  Joe Durham sent us a pic of some folks taking a trip down the street via kayak:

Flooding In Hampton

The final picture is from the Eastern Shore.  I now they had a lot of flooding up there, but the reports I’ve seen are scattered.  This one was sent in by Kyle Bundick from Chincoteague.  It shows some rough water up that way.

Flooding On The Eastern Shore

I know there was a lot of flooding there.  Again…feel free to submit any photos that you have to reportit@wavy.com.  There are many more photos of the storms at our photo:mojo on wavy.com.  On top of that t There was major damage to the Avalon Pier.  Andy Fox had that story yesterday.   There was likely a lot of beach erosion as well up and down the coast.

The winds were very gusty as well.  Luckily they were a bit below the forecast.  So we had more scattered than widespread power outages.  Folks weren’t so lucky up towards Washington D.C. where they did have widespread blackouts.  The gusts around here did pick up as the storm got closer.  Wallops Island had a gust to 68mph around 4:46pm.  Norfolk International Airport had a gust to 51mph.  Virginia Beach had a gust to 49mph.  Langley had a gust to 46mph.  Newport News…47.  Kill Devil Hills had a gust to 48mph.  Thanks to everyone who submitted photos and reports.

Today the winds will gradually subside. The rain will linger into the evening.  Then after about 10mph things will really quiet down.  Temperatures are very chilly.  It was in the 40s this morning, but the wind chills were in the mid 30s.  We will see another cold night tonight with low near 40.  Wind chills solid in the 30s, and there may be a couple of low temperatures in the 30s even.  Tomorrow we will have a lot of clouds clouds with a little sunshine.  Things should be fine for Halloween tomorrow.  Partly to mostly cloudy skies, a bit breezy, and temps in the low/mid 50s.   Next weekend is something to look forward to.  Skies will be mostly sunny with highs in the low 60s.
Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler




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      Not in any big amounts Michelle. At least not yet…. Jeremy

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    Hmmmm sounds like you’re saying there’s a chance Jeremy! Haha… can’t wait until we’re tracking snow storms!

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