Sandy Part 2: Rain & Wind Update

October 29th, 2012 at 11:34 am by under Weather

Sandy is still a hurricane.  The 11 am update came out and the storm has actually strengthened.  It is still a category 1 hurricane, but the winds have increased to 90mph.  The pressure dropped slightly to 943mb.  It is moving NNW at 18mph.

Sandy Forecast

It’s a clash of the titans as the air in West Virginia is so cold that there is snow.  The tropical moisture from Sandy is ramming into that colder airmass and the battle ground is right over Hampton Roads. That’s why we have so much rain here.


So far the winds haven’t been too bad.  We’ve had some gusts to 40mph near the shore.  Inland winds have only been to about 25mph, maybe 30.  It’s really picking up over on the Eastern Shore.  The winds will steadily decrease over North Carolina through the afternoon.  Again…The wind will pick up over the Eastern shore and some over the Northern Neck:

Wind Forecast

The rain totals are stacking up.  Jeff put together the numbers up until 11:15am.

Rain Totals Up To 11:15am.

The rain will continue to stack up, but it will taper off tonight from south to north.  We still could see 8-12″ on the Eastern Shore.  We do still have quite a bit of heavy rain around the region.  Rain will be more scattered tomorrow, but will continue.  It will wrap up by Tuesday night into Wednesday.  Halloween looks intact.  Just cool, dry, and breezy.

The tide has peaked and we are slowly improving in that regard.  Sewell’s Point topped out around 6.8ft which was below the Irene level of 7.55ft.  Tonight’s high tides will be about 2-3 ft less across the region except the Eastern Shore.

Some folks are asking about snow behind this system.  I think it is possible closer to I-95, but I don’t think it will happen here.  We’ll just be too warm.  Still it’s amazing to have a hurricane and snow affecting Virginia in the same week. Stay safe out there.   Things will improve soon for most of us.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler


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  1. bonnie says:

    Afternoon Jeremy,

    I wanted to tell all of you that your doing a great job covering this hurricane. You all have kept us informed on the news and here on your blogs.
    Even as far as to go out in it to show how powerful these hurricans are….

    thanks again,

  2. Kesha says:

    Are we thinking they’ll be closing schools again tomorrow, for Hampton/Newport News? I know there’s some serious flooding, and I’m sure there’s concern about evacuation, if necessary. I just hate having to wait to find out :(

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