Sandy Part 1: Tide Update

October 29th, 2012 at 8:19 am by under Weather

Just like many of the recent movies…I am going to break up this blog into two parts so that I can get it out in a timely manner.  The tides are rising this morning.  They are going to be the highest tides of the last 3.  The winds are north/northwest which typically doesn’t produce much of a high tidal rise.  However, I mentioned in a previous blog that this tide is more of a swell than a direct surge.

Tower Cam

A swell is a wavy that moves away from the center of the storm while the surge lies close to the center of circulation.  So the tide is between now and about 10am.  The tide forecast has improved a bit just in the last 2 hours.  The models have reduced the water rise just a little for the Outer Banks and the Eastern Shore.  So here is the tide for Duck, NC.

Tides For Duck, NC

The high tide was at 7:40am.  It is an improvement as the tide was forecast to reach 8 ft.  I didn’t get a chance to raise the line in the graphic above, but it has.

The tide for Sewell’s Point is running in-line with the previous forecast.  It is forecast still forecast to be close to 7 ft.

Sewell’s Point Tide

That is not expected to be as bad as Irene or Isabel. For Sewells Point high tide occurs at 9:24am where we will see the tides peak around 6.8 to 7.2ft.

For Wachapreague, the high tide is no longer 9 feet.  Now it will aim more for 8.4ft.  So it’s good news, but not great for the Eastern Shore.

Tide For Wachapreague

The tide has already peaking there are 8:45am.  Here is the link to keep track of the current tides in your area.

Tide forecast

Here is a map for quick reference:

Tide Forecast Map

The winds this evening will be more west/northwest.  This will allow for the tide to go down along the coast and in Hampton Roads.  However, the bay side of the Eastern Shore will still see tidal flooding.  As Sandy moves towards the Delmarva the tide will also stay fairly high on the ocean-side this evening.  Also, some tidal flooding will occur on the Sound side of the Outer Banks as the winds turn.  It should be a lot less than what was at the ocean, and that would be moderate.

This is the first part of the blog.  I’ll put out the second piece later this morning that will talk about the rain, the wind, and the overall.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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  1. Alyssa Smith says:

    Can we still expect tonight’s high tide to be lower than this morning? Lafayette River/Winona area?

  2. lb says:

    what time is high tide tonight mon 10 / 29?

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