Sandy Making Landfall

October 29th, 2012 at 8:54 pm by under Uncategorized, Weather

Sandy has finally made landfall around 8 PM near Atlantic City, NJ. Sandy is now considered to be a post-tropical storm meaning that the storm lost its tropical characteristics. Just because this system is not considered tropical doesn’t mean it is going to be any less powerful.  The warm core in the middle of the storm dissipated as Sandy moved over cooler water.  Sandy is going to interact with a large upper level storm system, which will keep the storm strong and also slow it down. There is still going to be significant flooding along the Delaware and Jersey shore as well as in NYC. Sandy will be impacting areas across New England all the way into the weekend. But…things will be improving somewhat across Hampton Roads on Tuesday.

Winds are still going to be strong across Hampton Roads tonight, but the strongest winds will be across the Eastern Shore, closest to where Sandy made landfall. Check out the latest wind gusts:

Wind Gusts

The Eastern Shore could see wind gusts up to 65mph tonight.

Wind Direction & Radar

Winds are blowing out of the west across Hampton Roads tonight which will help blow the water out of the bay and into the ocean. However, a westerly wind will push all of the water in the bay onto the bay side of the Eastern Shore. We could see severe tidal flooding across the Eastern Shore tonight and early tomorrow morning during high tide. High tide at Kiptopeke is at 9:15 PM tonight and 9:32 AM tomorrow morning. Earlier this morning, the tide at Kiptopeke reached 6.8 feet. The tide is forecasted to peak between 4.8′-5.3′ tonight, which is lower than this morning, but still considered to be moderate to severe tidal flooding. Tides will be even higher farther north across the Eastern Shore, so don’t let your guard down yet.

The rain will taper off Tuesday afternoon/evening and we will begin to dry out on Wednesday. Just in time for Halloween!

Meteorologist: Tiffany Savona


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