Hurricane Sandy – Friday Afternoon Update

October 26th, 2012 at 3:35 pm by under Weather

This storm is starting to look a little bit weaker, and more stretched out on Satellite, but that does not mean we should let our guard down.

Forecast in to Tuesday

Two Different Models

The GFS and the European models still cover a very large area across the East Coast. The Euro still has it moving close to us as a very strong storm, but either path will cause trouble across our area.

*Update: The 12Z Euro Model brings the landfall further north towards central New Jersey.

One thing we need to remember with that large forecast cone is not where is it going to make landfall, but how much rain and how bad will the tidal flooding be? Well If you were around the area in 1962, you might remember the Ash Wednesday storm of 1962. This storm might also be similar to the 2009 Nor’ Easter.

Possible Major Tidal Flooding for OBX

Forecasts suggest that this storm could increase tides 2-4ft above normal. Think of it like this, our normal “high” tide levels will be our new low tide levels during the storm. That surge will be close to 3ft so the high tide will be that much higher. Irene had its highest water level measured in Portsmouth at 7.55ft. This storm is bringing in water levels near 6-7ft. So it may be as bad, but the duration of the flood will be much longer, and possibly on the order of days versus hours like Irene.

Keep that in mind over the next 24 hours as you begin to prepare and plan your supplies that you might not be able to get around in you live in areas prone to flooding. Also, remember to turn around and don’t drown if you see a flooded street.The areas in the minor

In terms of the wind forecast it still looks like we will have significant sustained wind speeds near 30-40mph and gusts to near 60mph.

Rainfall totals near the coast should be 5-8″, Inland 2-5″

The next update comes out at 5pm from the National Hurricane Center, stay tuned on air for that starting at 5pm.

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson



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