Movie Review: A little cross with Alex Cross

October 22nd, 2012 at 3:26 pm by under THRS Movie Reviews

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Alex Cross is a homicide detective/psychologist who seems to have the uncanny knack of knowing exactly what the killer is thinking two seconds after he walks onto a crime scene.

Alex Cross (Tyler Perry of Medea fame), along with Tommy his partner in crime(solving) (Ed Burns) meet their match with a cold-blooded psychotic serial killer called the Butcher of Sligo (Matthew Fox).

The crime-solving duo soon dubs him “Picasso” because of the charcoal drawings he leaves at his crime scenes. Picasso likes to torture his victims in grizzly horrible ways.  But Alex is onto him and that sets up a game of cat in mouse, mad e even worse by the personal turn the plot makes.  This action thriller takes shaky twists and turns and makes the oddest landings.  The screenplay is hardly believable and does little to help a limping Tyler Perry get his character through the movie.

It’s nice to see Perry give up Madea for a bit, but hard not to expect him to break out with a “HAL-LAY-LOU-YER” at any moment.   For Perry the actor, the screenplay gave him the most to work with in a heavy grief and mourning plot line, but, unfortunately, these were also the least effective scenes for him.  I just kept thinking:  Tyler Perry is doing an okay job pretending to be a guy name Alex Cross who just went through this horrible loss.  I really should’ve been lost in the character.  He was always Tyler Perry to me.

But despite his struggles, I actually don’t think you can blame Tyler Perry for much here. I doubt Morgan Freeman could have done better with this script written by Marc Moss and Kerry Williamson based on a character created in James Patterson’s novels.  Here it’s disjointed with random characters that add very little.  Too many characters in there for me.  Story development was weak and not believable in far too many places.

Best thing about the movie for me, though?   That has to go to Matthew Fox as Picasso. With his shaved head and his incredible weight loss (I mean you could see his ribs for goodness sake) along with the psycho affectations, he really transformed himself into this killer. Matthew Fox played Jack — one of my favorite characters in my favorite TV show of all time: LOST. Even though I would know him anywhere, I completely forgot he was Matthew Fox during the film.

FYI:  Rob Cohen is the director (The Fast and the Furious, xXx).  There were some questionable shots, and some scenes that were absolutely unwatchable because of the erratic nature of the camera and angles (which added nothing).   Some scenes were unbelievable… at times because they looked like where they were shot (Cleveland) and not like where the film was supposed to be set (Detroit).  Come on.

Alex Cross the movie is kind-of a prequel to other films and Alex Cross the character is a role Morgan Freeman is known for (Kiss the Girls, Along Came a Spider).

PS:  I miss Morgan Freeman.


RATED PG-13 for violence, including disturbing images, sexual content, language, drug references, and nudity.



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  1. Tiffany says:

    I went to see the movie b/c my husband always read the books and I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was suspenseful, and had a good plot with
    lots of twist pulled me through from beginning to end. I wanted more butter on my popcorn, but I did not want to miss anything… and that says a lot. My husband and I go to them movies weekly, and this is the best pick I have seen in past few weeks. To simplify it, the movie Taken to was great, Taken 2, not so much; however Alex cross was a few notches under taken and well above Taken 2. Additionally, I would pay to see it again, so if it is worth my money, than it is worth my time – check it out.

  2. detroit res says:

    Tyler perry was not necessarily a bad actor.but he put his name on a film were he was laughing in the end of the movie before boarding an ambulance. I appreciage general motors in this film but the the b movie was a waste. Mathew fox was the obly thing that did something for the movie. Director!! Sucked…hopefully u made your b rated money

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