Drier Air Coming!!!

October 4th, 2012 at 8:15 am by under Weather

We had a few sprinkles and light showers this morning across the region, but it didn’t amount to much.  This was along a weak cool front that will help to change our local weather in the near future.  Ahead of the front the dewpoints have been in the low 70s for more than 24 hours.  They were still up this morning, but the drier weather was knocking on our door.

Dew Points

The winds were out of the southwest, but will turn more westerly behind the front.  Despite the cool front moving through, we will not see MUCH cooler temperatures with those westerly winds.  So highs will still be in the low/mid 80s later today.  Yesterday we were in the mid-upper 80s so there is some improvement, but again the drier air will make the big difference.  We’ll have a few spotty showers over the Outer Banks through the afternoon along the front.

Today’s Forecast

Tonight, lows will be in the low 60s.  This will be a drop of about 10-12 degrees from this morning’s lows.  Tomorrow and Saturday will still be warm in the afternoons, but dry.  There will be a lot of sunshine.  On Sunday another stronger cold front will move through the region.  Highs will be near 70 with some late day showers.  By Monday the highs will be in the mid 60s.  Won’t that be nice?

There are two tropical storms now, but neither of them will have an impact on the United States.  Tropical storm Nadine is still going, but it seems to be undergoing the transition to extra-tropical.  It really looks sheared apart on satellite.  It is brushing by the Azores with maximum winds of 45mph.  That shouldn’t cause too many problems for them.

2 Tropical Systems…For Now

T.D. 15 became tropical storm tropical storm Oscar last night.  It isn’t expected to do too much in the short term though as the upper level winds will increase sharply in the next 12 hours according to the National Hurricane Center.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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