Not A Fall Pattern, But Long Term Is Interesting!

October 1st, 2012 at 8:59 am by under Weather

We had a pretty good weekend.  Temperatures were cool in the 70s for highs.  We did have rain on Saturday, but to tell you the truth it felt great to have some wet weather.  On Sunday we had lots of sunshine with a few clouds pushing in from the south.  Today we have a lot of moisture pushing in from the south and west.  This has already produced a few sprinkles and light showers in the region.

Satellite/Radar This Morning

This will continue through the day with more and more moisture pressing into the region.

Today’s Forecast

Due to the clouds, scattered light showers, and east winds we will only warm to the mid 70s with a few upper 70s down into northeast North Carolina.  Overall we are on the cool side of the cold front today.  This is causing an overrunning pattern which is making for a cool/damp day.  Tomorrow winds will be more southerly.  The warm front will move through and help to bump the temperatures up to the low 80s for highs.  So tomorrow will be unseasonably warm and muggy.  That’s not too unusual, but we will stay in the low 80s pretty much through Friday.  The average high is in the mid 70s, so that is a bit of an odd pattern.  There is also some major blocking happening.  So the low over the deep south is going to head north instead of east very slowly.  If I remember right, we saw a very slow pattern last Fall/Winter.  It made for a very warm Winter.  With the record low sea ice in the north Atlantic this year, we should get ready for some more unseasonable weather (one way or the other) in the next couple of months.   A large trough will sit over the central U.S. until Thursday.  Then a larger upper level trough will swing in towards the weekend into the central then eastern U.S.  If the models are right, then we are looking at some of the coldest weather heading our way since early last Spring.  We could see highs in the low 60s by next Monday/Tuesday.  Lows could get down to freezing in the Appalachians.  We could see some inland frost here if the models verify.  This is pretty far out, so don’t go putting all your potted plants in just yet.  But pay attention to the long range forecast to see how this colder air will develop.  Sorry snow lovers…it’s still too early for snow here.  Not in the Midwest though.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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