More Heat, But No Records

September 27th, 2012 at 7:49 am by under Weather

We are going to heat up again today.  Once again we’ll have a lot of sunshine.  The winds won’t be as strong (southwest at 5-10) as yesterday.  Plus it will be a bit more humid.  So you’ll feel warmer today with those highs in the mid 80s.  Even though that will only be 1-2 degrees above yesterday’s highs (83 at Norfolk).   The average high is 76.  Tomorrow a cold front will very slowly try to edge into the region late in the day.  We could see a few showers, but not before warming up into the low 80s.  We will have more clouds tomorrow. 

The upcoming weekend forecast has been a little muddy lately.  The speed of the front moving through is making for a tricky rain forecast.  For now I have some scattered showers on Saturday (40%).  A little less on Sunday (30%).  The region is really starting to need that rain.  Norfolk is running 3 inches behind the monthly average for rainfall.  We are down 2.27″ for the year.  That is probably even wetter than some of the cities to the north/west of Hampton Roads.  It won’t be a washout, but I am hoping for some rain.  My yard is really starting to need it. 

I threw in a chance for some spotty showers on Monday.  It looks like there may be a little overrunning moisture which could give us a few sprinkles or light showers.  Either way it will be cooler on Sunday and Monday with low/mid 70s for highs.  That will be nice.

No big updates today.  Nadine is a bit stronger, but should weaken over the next few days.

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

2 Responses to “More Heat, But No Records”

  1. Mark says:

    Besides precipitation how is the cloud cover going to be this weekend? With the front approaching and near by will there be lot’s of cloud cover this weekend?

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Hi Mark. There will be a lot of clouds this weekend. The models show some brief clearing midday Saturday and again later on Sunday, but they have been going back and forth with the timing of all these features. Either way, have a good one! Jeremy

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