LMF: Urgency

September 5th, 2012 at 5:33 pm by under THRS Live Music

“Urgency”.  That’s the overall theme in this blog, my first since the arrival of my beautiful daughter, Penny Grace. The way she came into this world was pretty urgent to say the least, so urgent that we didn’t even make it to the hospital or even the car for that matter.  Every time I see or hear a story about a baby being born in a car or some place on the side of the road, I thought “Why in the world would you wait so long to go to the hospital?” Especially since my first born waiting until after 34 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing to say hi, why in the world would you wait until the last possible minute? Well, I now completely understand that scenario and realize that all labors are different….really different.  My wife’s first contractions..and I mean, small, tiny, not-really-sure-if-they’re-contractions contractions..started at 11:06pm. At 11:30, the first really, ok-this-is-really-happening contractions hit. 12:07a, Penelope Grace Bloom entertained this world…in our bathroom. A call to 911 was made, paramedics arrive and took us to the hospital and everyone is happy and healthy. If that isn’t an example of Urgency, I don’t know what is. We even didn’t get a chance to play our in-labor playlist that included a ton of local selections including the ever so appropriate Urgency by The Dahus.

The Dahus just released their brand new single, Stars, Stars, Stars, and will be playing this Saturday in Norfolk’s Town Point Park as part of ETC-Embrace The Culture Festival.  I can’t tell how excited I am for this event as it showcases independent artists from all brands of culture including music, art and food. Three stages – E stage – T stage – C stage – will host a variety of local and national artists including The Dahus (T stage – 1:15p), Nate Sacks (C stage – 3:00p) and Longfellow Streets’ Mallory McKendry, Trey Andrews & Jenn Lawyer (C stage – 4:30p).  One of my favorites, Skye Zentz, will be performing in the children’s area from 4-5p and 6-7p.  If you’re hungry and missed the epic Eat The Streets 757 this past Labor Day, there will be a food truck court setup with Hubcap Grill, Twisted Sister Cupcakes, Wrap-N-Roll and The Lunch Box Express.  It’s a one day event that is this Saturday from Noon-9p, so don’t miss it.  I’ll be there and I’ll probably be wearing my Dahus t-shirt.  The same one I wore when I brought my daughter home.

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