August, 2012

Rock And Rollin’…”On The Run!”

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The Latest Info in the “757″ form Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

This is a Quick Tip for all Runners this weekend!

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Good Luck!

We’ll be on the Oceanfront Sunday. Be On the Lookout! I might just see you…“On The Run!”

LMF: Brandon Bower

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Another week wraps up with another great Live Music Friday.  Brandon Bower was our guest and filled the studio with his soulful voice.  Originally from Augusta, GA, Brandon was once described by a radio DJ as “If Elvis Presley and James Brown had a child, it would be no other than Brandon Bower” and I’d have to agree.  His voice instantly reminded me of Richie Sambora, who I think has one of the most underrated vocals and you can really pick up the passion he puts into his songs. Brandon has been an accomplished songwriter, crafting over 50 songs including co-writing a few with Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum.  Brandon will be performing as part of the American Music Festival and will be appearing Saturday at 6:30 at 13th St.  You can find out more about Brandon and listen to tracks from his CD “Brandon Bower & The Big Mighty right here and you can check his entire two song performance on The Hampton Roads Show below.

This weekend is a big weekend of music with The American Music Festival and with the 23 bands that will line the route at the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half-Marathon.  Next weekend is another big weekend of tunes with not one but two great events.  Norfolk with be hosting the inaugural ETC-Embrace The Culture Festival Saturday, Sept. 8.  It will take over Town Point Park with an eclectic mix of local and national artists and crafts along with a food truck court.  Yes! Food Trucks!!  I’ll have a more in-depth preview of the event next week.  Across the HRBT, the 30th Annual Hampton Bay Days kick off Friday.  A big array of the LMF family will be hitting the stages along downtown Hampton including The Dharma Initiative, Seth Stainback, EVER-G, Longfellow Street, Bobby “Blackhat” Walters, Kaycee McGehee, Lewis McGehee,  Grant Austin Taylor, Ron Fetner, Jackie Scott & The Housewreckers and Blue Lords.  Many more acts will be performing when Bay Days kicks off next Friday.  I’ll also have a full preview of Bay Days next week.

That’s all for me today.  I’m still on Baby Bloom watch..waiting..patiently.  Have a great and safe Labor Day weekend and I’ll catch you next week.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC


August: A Very Wet Month

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The drought is over for the Pensinula and the Southside thanks to all of the rainfall we got this month. Here are some of the totals:

Over 13 inches for Newport News

Good news for today, no rainfall! But it is getting warm and humid outside. Today and tomorrow it looks like we should have highs in the 90s.

Isaac’s remnants move toward the midwest.

With that area of high pressure in control we are likely going to see sunshine for today and into tomorrow. Since there is so much moisture around eventually its going to come back and haunt us. So for tomorrow and for the next several days ahead I am still planning on seeing scattered showers for our afternoon forecasts.

Since we have clear skies tonight a reminder:

Blue Moon rises at 7:21pm

The next Blue Moon occurs in 2015 so give it a look later tonight. If you’re wondering why they call it a blue moon it is because its is the second full moon of the month. The first one was on the 1st of this month. Below is a video from NASA about the Blue Moon:


Lastly, the two storms in the Atlantic are going to stay there and eventually fade away out in the ocean but for surfers we might get a good swell coming in this weekend with 2-3 ft waves. Then next week Wave Watch III is forecasting an even bigger swell bringing in chest high waves.

Wave Watch III for Wednesday.

Have a fun and Safe Labor Day Weekend!

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

Hampton Roads Through the Lens: The Dog Days

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When Stephanie Cooke, Executive Producer of The Hampton Roads Show, asked me to capture shots of dogs for a special Through the Lens piece,  I hesitated a little.  Our Golden Retriever Sophie is usually a pretty good subject, but capturing other dog lovers in their element?  Being the novice photographer that I am, let’s just say I was a little intimidated.  But I learned something in my strolls through various neighborhoods: that we all share a special bond with our four-legged companions, and that gave me a little more confidence to share these shots.   As we wind down a summer fraught with constant rain and oppressive heat, I hope you enjoy the final hours of the “dog days” of August, through the lens.

Get the flash player here:

The BIG One! Rock & Roll Half Marathon Weekend…”On the Run!”

August 30th, 2012 at 2:14 pm by under Sports

The Latest Running News and Notes in Hampton Roads from Sprotswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding

Hey! We’re On The Run Again!

It’s Here!

Congrats to all of you who have put the effort in and are ready to storm the Oceanfront this weekend. With the Half Marathon, the Relay Half, along with the NEW sold out “Mini Half’ 5k run, there will be SO many people.

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What About Tomorrow, you ask? I’ll post another Tip of the Day Friday as we get set to race along the Oceanfront in the Rock & Roll Half Marathon!

I’ll catch you soon…”On The Run!”

On The Run with Sportswrap Running Reporter, Jon “Flex” Leiding, exclusively on

LMF: Before They Make Me Run

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I bet you thought I was going to title it “Bands On The Run”.  Nope.  I went for my favorite Keith Richards-fronted Stones tune for this Rock ‘N’ Roll Half-Marathon edition of the LMF blog.  This is one of my favorites events of the year because it combines two of my favorite passions: Running and Music.  The 12th Rock ‘N’ Roll Half-Marathon takes over the Oceanfront Sunday morning where over 16,000 runners will tackle the 13.1 miles of asphalt and boardwalk.  When I run, I have to have music blasting in my ears.  It’s my motivational tool and best friend that keeps me going whether I’m running 5 miles or 26.2 miles but that changes when I run the RNR.  I leave the iPod at home and let the bands along the course be my soundtrack.  I’m a three-timer in this RNR and I have run in the RNR Seattle and the one in Chicago and each one didn’t disappoint in supply the ample amount of kick drums and E chords.

This years lineup contains 23 local original and cover bands.  Each mile will be musical enlightened with the sounds of rock, funk, Top 40, soul, reggae, country and dance.  So if you’re running, make sure you give a thumbs up to the bands to show your thanks for them getting up at the non-rock star hour to play for you.  Here’s your Rock ‘N’ Roll 1/2 lineup:

Mile 0.7 (19th & Arctic) -                        Quik Fix
Mile 1.9 (25th & Arctic) -                        Ben Phelps
Mile 2.7 (14th & Atlantic) -                      Lewis McGehee
Mile 3.9 (Gen. Booth at Harbor) -            Kaboombox
Mile 5.1 (Gen. Booth at Birdneck) -         mOcean
Mile 6.2 (Gen. Booth & Prosperity) -       Red Stapler
Mile 6.7 (Prosperity at KOA) -                Nature’s Child
Mile 8.2 (Birdneck & Camp. Pendleton) – Pridemore
Mile 8.9 (Camp. Pendleton) -                  Audio Sauce (7:25-9:20a)  The Quattro (9:20-11a)
Mile 9.5 (Camp. Pendleton) -                 The Drama Queen (7:30-9a) Longfellow Street (9:00-11:15a)
Mile 10 (Gen. Booth at Birdneck) -        Cover This
Mile 10.9 (Gen. Booth at Aquarium) –    The Striker Band (7:35-9:15a) The Renegades (9:15-11:30a)
Mile 11.5 (Gen. Booth & Grace) -           Ricky and The Sportster (9:25-12p)   Bimini Road (7:35-9:25a)
Mile 12.3 (2nd & Atlantic) -                    Zig Zag (7:40-9:45a)  The Brian Shultz Band (9:45-12p)
Mile 12.7 (Boardwalk at 7th) -                Crazy Chester (7:40-9:45a)  Former Champions (9:45-12p)
Finish Line – (18th on the beach) -        The Office (7:30-10:30a)  Cheap Thrills (10:30-1p)


That’s all for me today.  I’ll catch up with you tomorrow for Live Music Friday.  Our guest will be Brandon Bower.  Don’t miss it!  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC


Sprinkles? Nope…That was Heavy Rain!

August 30th, 2012 at 11:03 am by under Weather

If you were watching the morning newscast you probably saw those sunshine icons and you might have heard me mention we could get some sprinkles. Well  now we know that  I was wrong, at least for the Peninsula and the Southside. Here’s what happened. One shower developed this morning around 8am near Williamsburg, it actually got fairly large in size to cover Newport News and Hampton. Rain totals this morning were up to 0.68″ at Fort Eustis. The Newport News Airport received 0.19″. Areas in Hampton got less than 0.10″

FutureTrak @ 1pm

FutureTrak still keeps some showers to our west, but we can easily see these things move a bit east and be across our area. Regardless if we get the rain it won’t be much more than 0.20″ in many places. Since we have all of this heat and humidity available in the atmosphere we might see the return of these scattered showers this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday I added a chance for showers as a weak front might help to spawn a few in the afternoons.

Besides that I am hoping we can get a nice dry day tomorrow for anyone who needs to mow the grass, I know I am wishing for one.

Enjoy your Thursday,

Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson

LMF: Far Behind

August 29th, 2012 at 5:42 pm by under THRS Live Music

My day starts when my alarm goes off at 3a..yes, that’s three in the morning.  I drink copious amounts of java before heading out the door to make the trek to 300 Wavy Street.  I get to my desk at 4a where I read my emails and check my phone messages from the previous day.  Today I received a voicemail from Mike Iudice, the manager for Candlebox.  I had to listen to it again to make sure I was hearing him right…Candlebox? The band whose debut album I played over and over again in high school? Yup, that Candlebox.  He wanted to let me know that the band was in town this weekend and wanted to know if this Friday was open for the band to appear on Live Music Friday.  As excited as I was at the prospect of having one of my favorite bands performing on my show, I had to turn them down as LMF was already booked.  Sure I could have cancelled the one that was booked in favor of Candlebox but that’s not how I operate.  In case you were wondering, Brandon Bower will be our guest this week and he is awesome!  You can catch both Brandon and Candlebox this weekend in Virginia Beach at the Verizon Wireless American Music Festival.

Labor Day is just around the corner and that usually means the unofficial end of summer, or at least tourist season.  It’s also a big weekend down at the Oceanfront as two big events gets underway: The Verizon Wireless American Music Festival and the 12th Virginia Beach Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  Three stages of rock, funk, honky tonk and soul fill the boardwalk starting Friday night and lasting through Sunday.  The main stage is right on the sand at 5th St. with O.A.R (Friday) Cheap Trick (Saturday) and Train (Sunday).  Candlebox will be rocking Friday night at 17th St. Park with The Mike Ruocco Band.  Mike hails from Baltimore and is no stranger to this area as he just opened for Daughtry at Chrystler Hall and Veritcal Horizon at the Beach.  Mike kicks things off at 7:30 with Candlebox to follow at 9:15p.  Brandon Bower will be performing Saturday at 13th Street at 6:30p.

Sunday is the big day as 20,000 runners and walkers descend down to the VB Convention Center and tackle the 13.1 miles.  I’m an avid runner and would normally be down there running but I have to skip this year’s event because, as I’ve stated before, I’m awaiting the arrival of my second spawn.  For me, running and music go hand in hand.  My running playlist are filled with all of my favorite upbeat and rockin’ songs but for the Rock ‘N’ Roll, I leave the iPod at home and listen to the bands along the coarse.  23 local original and cover bands will keep the tempo and heart rates pumping along the each mile of the course.  Check out the blog tomorrow as I give you the band lineup and where they will be along the course.  SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC

Va. Beach Arena Proposal Today, the latest

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By Bruce Rader

The Olympics are behind us, the football season is still a few days away, but today is Opening Day for a new sporting event of sorts in Hampton Roads. The race to build an 18,000 seat arena in Virginia Beach anchored by a major league sports team.

Don’t get too excited this afternoon when the president’s of Comcast-Spectacor and Live Nation Arenas go before the Virginia Beach City Council and as ask to start a conversation regarding building a arena in the resort city.

All they are going to ask to do is start a conversation.

There will be no announcement of an arena, there will be no guarantee that the Sacramento Kings or any other NBA or NHL team has agreed to move into the arena. If fact, it will probably be made very clear by everyone that today is just a day to get the conversation started and that there a lot of steps to go.

In our “lay everything on the table today and let’s take a vote mentality”, this will be disappointing to many who have heard the leaks, and have already started to debate the pro’s and con’s of the potential project, going so far as speculating on a name for Virginia Beach’s new NBA team.

Contrary to what some businessmen close to the project say, sources tell me neither NBA Commissioner David Stern or anyone else in his office has been to Virginia Beach. The NBA owners do not like moving teams around, and there is a very formal process that has to go through involving all the owners before the OK is given for a team like the Kings to leave Sacramento and go to Virginia Beach or any other city. And the process won’t even begin until the city agrees to build the building, and the owners of the team file a relocation application.

Comcast-Spectacor, which owns the Philadelphia Flyers, the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and ironically the food service company Ovations, has close ties to professional sports team, and wants to manage the new Virginia Beach arena if it is built. The Mayor of Virginia Beach, Will Sessoms told me last week Comcast-Spectacor guaranteed a “major league sports franchise” as the main tenant if Virginia Beach builds the building. But I don’t think Comcast-Spectacor is ready to go public with that today.

By the way, if the food service company Ovations sounds familiar, the Comcast-Spectacor owned company is led by, who else, company founder Ken Young the principal owner of the Norfolk Tides and Norfolk Admirals.

As far as today’s presentation, don’t expect anyone to leave too many cards on the table. Comcast-Spectacor and Live Nations, and even Warren Harris, the director of Economic Development for the City are just going to inform council that the two sides want to start talking, and more information will be forth coming. In fact, I would assume there won’t be a final proposal until sometime in October. In the perfect world a final decision may be reached by mid November but may linger on until the end of the year.

So don’t expect any bomb shell announcement’s today, in fact don’t be surprised at all if the words “Sacramento Kings” don’t even come up.

A project like this will involve long negotiations, a lot of time and a lot of political posturing.

And as for today, Let the Games Begin.

LMF: Video Ga Ga

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Yup, you guessed Bambino #2 today..well, as of 9:48a.  So I’ll blog away today.  Today’s topic is the music video, that’s right, that thing that MTV played years ago before they wanted to pick seven strangers to live in a house.  If you thought the music video was dead, then you are wrong..very wrong.  While the television outlet has been reducing the inventory of their videos each year, the interweb has been seeing a steady increase in the amount of submissions.  More people are watching videos and television from everything other than a TV and music videos, whether they are live or professionally shot, are among the most viewed.  For the artist, it’s still a  great way to promote their music and get it out to the masses especially with ease of sending it via the tweet and the beauty of the #hashtag.

Earlier this summer, I featured debut videos from The Last Bison and The Aragona Project and today I’m going to share with you not one but three brand new, just released videos.  The first one is from Stephen Bement’s Of A Ghost.  The video is for his single, The Devil’s Creek.  The second is from Jules Ferguson’s Zip Hop.  If you haven’t read my post about his new album, go back and do it.  It’s Zip Hopintastic!  Jules will soon be heading out to LA for film school, so I think we’ll see him very soon in the director’s chair.  Finally, the third comes from Your Favorite Coastline, who just appeared on Live Music Friday back on the Aug. 17.  The video is for their song, Happy Anniversary, and features Ryan Dunson from Rookie Of The Year.

Of A Ghost – The Devil’s Creek

Jules Ferguson – Welcome To Zip Hop

Your Favorite Coastline – Happy Anniversary