Heavy Rain Potential

July 30th, 2012 at 7:48 am by under Weather

We are coming off of a pretty good weekend.  We had a few areas of showers and storms, but it didn’t dominate the weather.  Luckily, we are in a period of more normal temperatures where highs have been and will be in the 80s.  So today we’ll see highs in the mid-upper 80s with a few showers and storms.  Isolated (20%) this morning, but more scattered (30%) this afternoon.  We have weak high pressure in the region, but there is also a stationary front across northeast North Carolina that may create a few problems.

Today’s Forecast Map

While Hampton Roads will see a few scattered showers and storms, there will be a more widespread area of rain developing over the Outer Banks later today near the front.  This rain is expected to get pretty heavy in the overnight hours.

Future Trak Tonight

That area could see 1-2 inches of rain in the next 24 hours.  If the boundary moves a little farther north, then some of that heavy rain could reach southern Virginia Beach. Tomorrow the front looks to push offshore and take the rain shield with it.  A few storms could once again pop-up in Hampton Roads.  Highs tomorrow will be in the mid 80s with an easterly breeze.  We’ll see more of the typical Summer weather from Wednesday onward with highs in the upper 80s to low 90s and scattered afternoon storms.  It’s interesting to hear some of the weather watchers and local folks talk about rain.  A couple of weeks ago most folks said they needed rain badly.  Now I think the tide is turning.  Some folks like Greg in Currituck N.C. said that he is doing fine on rain and doesn’t really need it right now.  Whereas Mike in Whaleyville V.A. says that he actually wants some rain. He was the one that has been soaked for weeks on end.  It just goes to show how scattered in nature the rain has been lately.  Especially the heavy stuff.  There has been some short-term drought relief in a few areas of the Plains and Midwest states, but it is only temporary for now.


Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

6 Responses to “Heavy Rain Potential”

  1. bonnie says:

    Morning Jeremy,

    thanks for all the hard work you all have been doing in this not normal summer.
    Frankly i am looking for a whole week of no storms or rain with hot or mild weather… I am so tired of this flip flop weather.I know your all frustrated wit h having to always give this kind of forcast.
    Is there a hope of one week of NICE weather in our future?

    thank again for your hard work,

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      Boy Bonnie. You said it exactly. I’m ready for at least a 3-4 day stretch of nice/quiet weather. Not perfect weather, but zero chance for storms and not too hot. Of course now the tropics may be getting active. :( You take care.


  2. Jeff says:

    I wish that I could take some of the rain that we have received at Gloucester Point and spread it around! It seems like we’ve had heavy rains almost every day all summer long! I have a feeling that this will be the last summer for my current lawnmower.

    1. Jeremy Wheeler says:

      If this were facebook, then I would like that statement Jeff. Jeremy.

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  4. [...] may see some more rotation in this area along the stationary front that was mentioned in my previous blog, but the storms have weakened since this [...]

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