Beating The Heat!

June 29th, 2012 at 8:37 am by under Weather

Every year we get at least some kind of heat wave where a heat advisory is issued.  We do have that for today, and probably for tomorrow as well.  Today almost the whole viewing area is under a heat advisory (orange area). 

Heat Advisory

When the heat index rises to between 105-115 degrees for at least a couple of hours or more, then a heat advisory is issued.  This means that heat illnesses like heat cramps, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke are possible.

When the heat index rises to over 105 for 2 days in a row, then an excessive heat warning goes into effect.  It is also issued if the heat index will rise to over 115.  In this case heat illnesses are likely. 

High pressure is settled in today.  So we will see a lot of sunshine.  This will allow highs will rise to the upper 90s to low 100s.  The heat index 100-107.  Inland locations of course will be the hottest.  The humidity has also come up a bit.  Dewpoints are in the low 60s today whereas yesterday they were in the 50s.  We will have a bit of a breeze (10-15mph) out of the southwest.  Tomorrow high pressure will still try to hold on, but the extreme heat and humidity could be enough to pop up some isolated afternoon storms.  Highs will be near 100 and it will be humid.  By the way the record high for today is 101 (1980).  Tomorrow the record is 100 (1936).   

On Sunday we’ll still be hot and humid, but we do expect more clouds.  Also, we’ll probably get some scattered showers and storms as the high pushes a little farther south.  A few showers are possible early, then expect some late day scattered thunderstorms.  We’ll have a few storms probably between Monday through the 4th of July, but isolated to scattered.  Highs will be more in the low/mid 90s those days.  We can tweak the forecast for Wednesday as it gets closer. 

There are several things you can do to beat the heat:

1.  Drink plenty of fluids- With the high heat and humidity, the body has to produce more sweat (typically) in order to stay cool.  This because the sweat doesn’t evaporate as easily with a higher heat index.  Water is best.  Don’t drink alcohol as it can also dehydrate the body.   Sugary drinks are also not a good idea. 

2.  Grab some shade - If you are working outside, then take breaks and take them in the shade.  It’s the perfect time to rehydrate when you take those breaks.  If you’re a foreman or coach, then make sure your team has plenty of cold water available. 

3.  Wear light-weight/light-colored clothing –  Thicker clothes don’t let your body breathe (so to speak) as good as lighter-weight clothing.  The color is important as brighter clothes reflect more light, whereas darker clothes absorb the light and turn it into heat.  It makes a big difference.  Try it for yourself. 

4.  A.C. broken? Stay cool anyway -   Head to a cool public place for the day.  A mall or a library are great places to go as well as the beach. 

5.  Bad or no A.C.? Grab a fan – If your Air conditioner doesn’t work or work well, then a fan will help.  It promotes evaporation and takes the heat away from your body.  So grab a fan (even a small one) to help. 

6.  Check on the young, the elderly, and the pets – The very young and the elderly don’t deal with the heat as well as older kids and younger adults.  So check on them to make sure they are doing ok.  Pets also suffer from the heat.  Dogs don’t sweat.  So they keep cool by panting and drinking water.  If you leave them outside, then make sure they have plenty of shade and water.  You can even leave some ice in their bowl in the morning.  A dog house isn’t good shade unless it’s very well ventilated (which is rare).  The materials will heat up and basically create a hot box. 

7.  Close the curtains – When light gets into the house it turns into heat.  So close the curtains to not only keep cooler, but to help out your cooling unit.

8.  Cars…  – It should go without saying, but it’s always a good reminder as folks get super busy and forget things…  Never leave your kids or pets in a hot vehicle.  Even before a heat advisory is issued, the inside of cars can reach temperatures into the 120s and 130s.  This with outdoor temperatures even in the 80s.  New parents especially that get a big lack of sleep, and may not be in the habit of taking a child with them everywhere should try to always remember. 

9.  Not too cool – Even with this heat, you can still turn your thermostat up a couple of degrees before you leave for work.  It will help out the power bill, and it will help out the power company as it helps take a bit of the load off of the power grid if many people do it. 

10.  Ice Cream – Do I have to explain? 

11.  Cool Water – Keep bottles of water in the fridge.  That way you can take them on the go, and they will be cool for a while.  Stay green and use a reusable water bottle.

12. Eat small/often – Eat small meals and often. 

Feel free to submit any tips that I missed in the comments section.  Stay cool folks and have a good weekend!

Meteorologist: Jeremy Wheeler

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