Time and miles ticking away!

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this is our own "on board computer"

Just shy of 12 miles in just over three hours this morning. Along with every-runner-who-can’t- stand-not-knowing-their-exact-pace-mileage-and-time’s best friend…Jimmy and I also carried our music and kicked it to Eagle 97.3 all the way.
Colley avenue close to Norfolk General and CHKD was a great place to start, considering there’s a good chance both places had some resident babies living out their first days. Some of course spending the customary day or two before heading home, others beginning what could be days, weeks or months in the NICU because of prematurity, low birth weight or other medical difficulty.  Fortunately many more of these children eventually go home now, but until they all do, we will need the March of Dimes and the MOD will need you.
Once we hit the boulevard at the Harrison Opera House, we stayed on 58 all the way to Rosemont road. The Norfolk and Virginia Beach Police Departments did a great job managing those intersections, and folks out on the roads today showed their patience and support.
Tomorrow we’ll meet again bright and early in VB, and pretty much walk until we see water!

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