When all is said and Dunn…

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ou won’t find a more committed guy than Jimmy Ray. This is the 20th time Eagle 97.3′s morning man-child has gone the distance for the March of Dimes.

Tackling #20

This is the 10th time I’ve joined him and after a decade I’m still impressed. I just wanted to start this day one recap by saying Jimmy Ray Dunn is a fine human being. I give him a hard time, it’s part of our “bit” but I love this guy for who he is and what he does.
Of course neither one of us could pull this off without the support of our respective stations and of course local law enforcement. Today a member of the media followed our convoy because they saw all of the security and thought I was Dr. Jill Biden. The Vice President’s wife was supposed to be on the peninsula today, but the mix up does go to show how seriously our friends on patrol take the responsibility of making sure Jimmy and I get along with the commuters!
When we started at the Williamsbug Club, James City County Officers Jackson, Pinero, Belote and Bowan took the first watch. Then when we hit the Newport News City Line and Officers Falero, Pointer, Westrick, Davis, Hale, Hollers, Tully and Davis took over.
Officer Rick Davis is seven thousand feet tall, or maybe it just seems that way. 
Most of these officers volunteer for the March of Dimes walk every year.
The walk itself was perfect, we made good time, had great weather and enjoyed the honks and waves from folks offering their encouragement. We covered twelve and a half miles today. Fifty seven and a half to go!
“Miracles this way.”
 Our last steps of the day were through the NICU of Riverside Regional Medical Center. It’s the only neonatal intensive care unit on the peninsula, and sees many cases of the March of Dimes’ nemesis: prematurity.

born at 25 weeks, just over one pound

Jimmy and I stood at this little baby’s bedside while the NICU nurses told us what it has taken to keep him alive since he arrived extremely ahead of schedule. His road is still long, but Jimmy asked if he would have even survived his first few days without the techniques researched and developed by the March of Dimes, and without needing to think about it, both said “No.” 
I don’t know his name, but I don’t think he will mind a few more prayers.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Jimmy Ray, is an amazing guy. I worked for a tuxedo company and we had the pleasure of outfitting him on a few occasions. He is a very humble guy always ready to help out.

  2. Kelly Champion says:

    THANK YOU BOTH! I have followed this walk for 20 years. I used to work up off Magruder and could remember Jimmy Ray & Jay when they first started walking. I also got goose bumps watching and knowing what an impact this walk is for so many. So thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work making a statement and bringing attention to the March of Dimes! I pray for safety and great weather the rest of your walk.

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